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  • Published on 12-06-2014 07:56 AM
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    Anyone who fishes for striped bass knows that any striper caught over a thirty pounds is a heck of a fish regardless of the tackle or technique you catch it. Striped bass anglers also know that anything over fifty pounds is a catch of a lifetime and most certainly anyone that catches one of these beasts deserves recogonition. This past week a fellow Tidal Fisher, Mark aka Bodywarior, managed to catch that fish of a lifetime. And so the story goes…

    Capt Mike was kind enough to report that they’ve been out eeling lately off OPL and HR. The bite has been real slow for us but Mark (Bodywarior) connected on a very nice rock Friday night at the ...

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    Published on 12-06-2014 12:27 AM
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    Frequent unfavorable weather conditions, hunting seasons, and the approaching end of the Chesapeake Bay striped bass season in Maryland have resulted in significantly fewer anglers and a lack of fishing reports information. While fishermen may be thinning out, striped bass numbers have remained high in certain locations. It's not time to put away the boat just yet.

    One of the few first-hand reports I have been able to come up with is from Captain Walt at Light Tackle Charters. He said striped bass fishing in Maryland’s lower portion of the bay has been ...
    Published on 12-06-2014 06:28 AM
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    There are still a lot of rockfish to the north of Virginia’s waters, but big rockfish are slowly making their way into Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. Offshore the there has been a few sightings of Bluefin tuna which could be the start of some good action of the weather cooperates. Get the full download on that action...
    Published on 11-01-2014 07:01 AM
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    Passing cold fronts with gusty winds, especially on weekends, have significantly hampered fishing activity in recent weeks. It’s often been uncomfortable, or even impossible, to fish. On days when the weather has been decent enough for anglers to hit the water, they have often come up with nice rockfish catches.

    There have been striped bass on Susquehanna Flats. Most of them haven’t been big, but the 14- to 18-inch fish provide exciting light-tackle casting action. A few larger rockfish, including nice fish to more than 30 inches, have been ...
    Published on 11-22-2014 05:40 PM
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    Ken Neill was kind enough to put together a good synopsis of what is going on with Striped Bass in Virginia for 2015 and beyond. Worth the read if you are interested in how the whole striped bass situation in Virginia is going to play out. The summary is at the end of the fishing reports.

    Striped bass action has been pretty good on school-sized fish. Most of the fish are being caught at the area’s crossings like the CBBT, JRB, Coleman Bridge, HRBT, MMMT and at any other structure with lights on it at night. More fish are being caught in open water and there has been some bird action. There have been a few 40-plus pound fish caught at the CBBT at night and on the bayside of the Eastern Shore during the day, primarily on live eels. This fishery should get better each day. There is still a good bite up the bay in Maryland waters and up the coast off of New Jersey. Those fish ...
    Published on 11-22-2014 04:05 AM
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    Before the bone-chilling cold moved it, good numbers of nice rockfish were being caught in the lower Susquehanna River and on Susquehanna Flats. At Port Deposit on the Susquehanna River, anglers reported catching real nice rockfish to 28 inches while casting Alabama rigs, Storm shads, leadheads dressed with Bass Kandy Delights (BKDs) and Bass Assassins, and Rat-L-Traps and other crankbaits. Those same lures have also taken smaller 14- to 20-inch rockfish in the shallows around Battery Island, along the channel edges on Susquehanna Flats, and just off Sandy Point at the southern end of the flats. In addition, in the shallows around ...
    Published on 09-26-2014 10:50 PM
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    Rockfish are in their annual fall pattern, providing exciting early-morning topwater action in the shallows and a strong jigging bite in deeper water. According to Captain Richie Gaines at Angler’s Connection Guide Service, “I’m catching good quality fish in the shallows on Stillwater Smack It Jr. poppers and then working hard bottom structure in six to 12 feet of water the rest of the day. Using 5-inch ...
    Published on 10-10-2014 10:10 PM
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    Striped bass season opened up and and although there is still action offshore with billfish, dolphin and tuna, anglers inshore are gearing up for what we all hope is a good rockfish season.

    Capt Ken said that offshore there are still a few billfish being caught. There have been some big catches of dolphin along with some yellowfin and bigeye tuna around the ...
    Published on 10-10-2014 11:57 PM
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    Rain and wind washed out most fishing activity this past weekend. Plus, many outdoorsmen are now spending more time in the woods and a little less time on the water. However, there are still plenty of fish around. Rockfish continue to be caught by chummers and trollers. Light-tackle anglers report strong numbers of stripers in the shallows around islands and river mouths. Striped bass fishing should get even better in the weeks ahead when anglers can look forward to hooking up with big fall fish.
    Published on 11-01-2014 09:30 AM
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    Over the last few years there has been many debates about the status of the population of striped bass along the eastern seaboard. The ASMFC has taken the stance that the population is healthy and not overfished. In the same breath experienced fishermen from up and down the eastern seaboard have been sounding the alerts that they see catches going down and see fewer and fewer striped bass. There was a recent ASMFC Striped Bass Meeting in Connecticut of which was heavily attended. Dave Smith the Executive Director of MSSA provided a very concise report of ...
    Published on 10-25-2014 07:45 AM
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    Fishing eels around the pilings of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is often productive on nice stripers this time of year. Trollers have reported catching stripers on bucktails, spoons and plastics. Casting soft plastics on leadhead jigs, and swimming plugs, in the shallows has triggered exciting rockfish strikes, especially in the early-morning and evening hours. Anglers have also had a blast searching out clouds of diving sea gulls and then casting to rampaging rockfish as they chase baitfish to the surface.

    Working the shallows, and casting into the chaos of breaking fish and diving birds, have both produced ...

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