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How to Fish

Fishing is one of the best outdoor sports you can learn. You can do it alone, with family, friends, in your local community or in the far reaches of the world. There are over 24,500 fish species in the world, that is a heck of a lot of fish that can be caught! Fishing is generally divided up into Freshwater fishing and Saltwater Fishing. The techniuqes used in each water enviorment are generally similar, if you learn one you can use it in the other. There are also many techniques used to catch fish, there is light tackle fishing, trolling, fly fishing, lure fishing, live bait fishing, and dead bait fishing

While it would take years to learn all of the different ways to catch fish, we hope the fishing resources below help you learn how to fish. If you have questions check into the fishing forums and ask your question, there are thousands of anglers on Tidal Fish that are always happy to help you be a better fisherman/fisherwoman.

How To Fish

How to Saltwater Fish
* How to Light Tackle Fish for Striped Bass Series
Part 1 - Introduction to Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass
Part 2 - Light Tackle Fishing Rods
Part 3 - Light Tackle Spinning Reels
Part 4 - Light Tackle Baitcasting Reels
Part 5 - Fishing Line
Part 6 - Fishing Knots

* How to Deep Drop
* How to Troll For Striped Bass
* How to Troll - Bottom Bouncing
* How to Night Fishing
* How to Spring Troll for Striped Bass - Lure Depth Chart
* How to Fish Planer Boards
* How to Fish the CBBT in Virginia
* How to make Spanish Mackerel Lures
* How to Jigging with Light Tackle

How to Freshwater Fish
* How to Yellow Perch Fish Upper Chesapeake Bay
* How to Rig Plastic Baits

How to Fly Fish
* How to get Started Fly Fishing For Striped Bass
* How to Fly Fish for Redfish

How to Tie Fishing Knots:
* How to Tie the Blood Knot
* How to Tie the Palomar Knot

Fishing Forums
Fishing forums are a great place to learn how to fish from reading other people's fishing reports, tips and techniques. They are also great places to ask questions. Tidal Fish has thousands of anglers who are always willing to help you learn how to fish.

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