: OV Beach Rpt. (8/5/06 - 11am-4pm)

08-05-2006, 04:36 PM
Met up with Catman32, Fred, Shooter, Andy Medic, Rory and Kibaro (wifes also with us today) for a nice day at the beach along the OV Jetties.

Special thanks to CM32 as he had caught some nice finger mullet in the cast net this morning. Tossed it out along with the usual other baits (fresh shrimp, fishbites) to a East/NE wind and some choppy stirred up water.

Nothing for me today but some practice on the new Lami, but Andy Medic managed two small pups, and a nice roundhead while others caught a few small croaker and spot. That was pretty much it!!!

Fishing wasn't great, but the company was! Dang nice dayy today to just sit back, flap the gums, enjoy a cold beverage and take in the day.

Kibaro did get a healthy 21' Flounder earlier in the day at Lynnhaven Inlet and lost a bigger one as well!!!!!

08-06-2006, 03:23 PM
fished out a spot and a big croaker for a 5 species days....i am the panfish king[grin][grin]