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  • FISHING NEWS: Nine Year Old Whips up on Big Red Drum

    Red Drum Fishing Report Virginia
    Nine year old Tidal Fisher whips up on Big Red Drum with his first ever. His Dad (Tidal Fisher Justin Hurst) reported, " After two years of anticipation my son finally got to go on his first trip for big "bull" reds. We started out the day by picking up our bait. He was so excited, he picked out a lucky crab and help it in his lap for the entire trip back to the house form the bait store. He then confiscated dad's lucky fishing hat. It has been hanging on the mantle for a few years. He insisted on wearing it in hopes that he would get a chance at a big red. Prior to the trip, I hooked a TLD 15 to my belt loop and ran through my yard (bahaaa), in an attempt to help him understand
    the feeling of the fight and to ensure the had the pump and reel motion down pat. We arrived at the shoals and it was a beautiful evening. He landed several big red drum. I have never seen him so excited in my entire life. He stated that next time, we could just take some pillows and spend the entire weekend out there. I am so happy for him."
    Check the rest of the fishing report with pictures by clicking here.

    Congratulations on that catch, we'll be looking for more reports!

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    1. Al B's Avatar
      Al B -
      Best report in a LONG time! This is DEFINITELY one of the Chesapeake Bay's "Young Bloods".

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