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  • TOP FISHING NEWS: Striped Bass, Speckled Trout, and Red Drum Gamefish Status in North Carolina?

    Striped bass speckled trout red drum red fish gamefish in North Carolina
    CCA NC and the Coastal Fisheries Reform Group recently introduced HB 353 into the NC legislature. HB 353 would make red drum, speckled trout, and striped bass game fish in NC. These three species could be taken only by rod and reel and the sale of the fish would not be permitted. Additionally the bill would compensate commercial fishermen for three years of lost revenue on these species. The bill has passed its first reading in the House and has been assigned to “ Committee On Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Business and Labor”. Stripers Forever strongly supports this bill and applauds the CCA and CFRG for getting this action underway.

    The bill will be discussed in committee this Wednesday, and will be voted on at that time. If passed, it will then be sent to the House floor for discussion and a vote. The next hurdle is to win the vote in this committee. If you care you need to email and call everyone of these committee members encouraging them to vote for the bill. The members are listed below with their email link, and their phone numbers. Please forward this to your email list and encourage them to do the same. It does not matter if these folks are your personal representatives or not. They are now responsible for considering this bill, and they need to hear from as many people as possible tonight or tomorrow at the latest!

    Darrell McCormick, 919-733-5654

    Kelly Alexander, 919-733-5778

    Harold Brubaker, 919-715-4946

    Becky Carney, 919-733-5827

    Jeff Collins, 919-733-5802

    Jerry Dockham, 919-715-2526

    Nelson Dollar, 919-715-0795

    Elmer Floyd, 919-733-5959

    Dale Folwell, 919-733-5787

    Ken Goodman, 919-733-5823

    Charles Graham, 919-715-0875

    Mike Hager, 919-733-5749

    Dewey Hill, 919-733-5830

    Bryan Holloway, 919-733-5609

    Stephen LaRoque, 919-715-3017

    Tim Moffitt, 919-715-3012

    Rodney Moore, 919-733-5606

    Bill Owens, 919-733-0010

    Garland Pierce, 919-733-5803

    Efton Sager, 919-733-5755

    Mitchell Setzer, 919-733-4948

    Phil Shepard, 919-715-9644

    Michael Stone, 919-715-3026

    William Wainwright, 919-733-5995

    Winkie Wilkins, 919-715-0850

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    1. RiverCat09's Avatar
      RiverCat09 -
      Good news, but this needs to be done in Maryland as well!!
    1. PLAYIN' HOOKIE's Avatar
      Sent them all an e-mail. We need this in Virginia too.
    1. Rumbley's Avatar
      Rumbley -
      Sent mine in yesterday with mention of the trawler culling too. Sure would be awesome!! The entire Atlantic Coast!!!

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