maine trailer tag bad news

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    Unhappy maine trailer tag bad news

    I was thinking about doing the switch to maine tags and asked and this is what I was told
    I am not saying this is for sure or not but this is pretty serious if you are going to get tags from maine I heard this form a friend who works for a dealership that has a friend in maryland vechile administration. Not sure when this will take effect but I thought I would give you all a heads up.

    Maryland is losing millions in trailer tag fee's to maine so guess what .When you turn your tags in you are going to have to have a bill of sale that is notirized that the trailer has been sold or insurance paperwork that the trailer has been totaled. if not it will red flag in the system and a inspector will be out to check your tag on the trailer and if the trailer is now registered in maine you will have to have residence in maine for more then 6 month's and hold a maine driver's lic. if not you will be fined, be forced to get the trailer reinspected and pay to reregister the trailer back in maryland. the police will be on the look out for trailer tags from maine out on the roads.

    Like I said don't know if this is for sure to come but think hard if you want to switch

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    Guess it was just amatter of time til this happened.Maryland like any other state want
    their money.Thanks for the heads up,you made me think twice!

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    I heard the same thing, But I heard you can get the maine tags, but if the trailer is in maryland for 30days then they are no longer valid, I'm not sure how they would police the this but, it sounds like its not worth the hassel to me,

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    According to the regs that were posted on here at one time, it was only legal if you had more than one trailer - then if the tow vehicle and one trailer were tagged in Maryland, the rest of your fleet of trailers could be tagged out of state. That's the way I read it, pretty sure I'm correct.

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    I think I'm missing a point on this thread. Why are people registering their trailers in Maine if they live in Md? Trailers don't require insurance in Md. Are tags free in Maine? Give me the scoop.

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    DOH...I just sent in for my Maine reg. yesterday...on two trailers.

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    bebopper = apparently you either don't have a trailer for your boat, or utility trailer. Most of us who do, have experiecned exceptionally high renewal rates, my trailer tag fees, just went from $25.50 to $91.50, almost quadruple. Just like the toll (s) fees, most were at least doubled, under the previous Govenor,and Comptroller's watch. A/O's.

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    Brian, we need to get precise legal clarification.

    I too obtained MD tags. I only did this after attending a commercial vehcile class with Md State PD. I inquired about Maine tags and was told by two troopers/instructors that it was OK to get the tags.


    Trailers are not motorized and therefore not subject to all of the same rules and regs as cars and other MOTORIZED vehicles.

    Trailers do not require insurance as the tow vehicles covers it.

    Look at all the tractor trailers on the road. Most of the have Ok, Il or ME tags. All of those

    States have similar regs as Maine.

    That said, I went for it and obtained the tags.

    This controversey is now causing me concern.

    I will now contact the MVA and determine exactly what the language is.

    You doing the WMO?

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    Hey, where a cop when you need one, eh? I remember during election year there was someone high ranking in the State Police that was running for some office and was asking for our support. It sure would be nice if he would step in and give us the facts on this.


    LOL.. I'm with Sea_Slueth on this one.


    Todd, think about this for a second. If it was illegal to tag a trailer out of state and DMV wanted to crack down on it, all they would need to do is have a troopper go to most any trucking company and write tickets all day long.

    I can tell you that as of right now, it's perfectly legal to tag a trailer out of state if the other state allows it. Yes, I'm assuming this but I've got a friend who's family is in the trucking business and when I asked him about Maine trailer tags, I was told all their trailers (around a 100) have Maine tags. All their vehicles, that tow these trailers, are tagged in Maryland.

    Believe me, MD DOT knows that they have all thier trailers tagged out of state and they know many other companies do also.

    BTW, there's no law against not having tags on a trailer or even a vehicle in MD. The only time a non-tagged trailer or vehicle is in violation (For some reason, I don't think you can have a non-tagged vehicle in your driveway) is if it's parked or driven on a public street. Man I sure hope they don't require tags on every vehicle/trailer because a lot of farmers and car collectors are going to have to cough up hundreds of dollars a year for something that might be never driven on a public road or cough up fine after fine with inspection costs to boot!

    - Dae

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    Here you go
    from Annotated code of Md
    Transportation article 13-402

    (f) A trailer or semitrailer operated in intrastate service need not be registered in this State if:

    (1) It is registered in another state;

    (2) The truck tractor or other vehicle that is towing it is registered in this State; and
    (3) The registered owner of the truck tractor or other towing vehicle has at least one trailer or semitrailer registered in this State for each truck tractor also registered in this State.


    it would be up to the individual to read and folllow the law as it is written

    most of the Info you got from a "freind of a freind" is incorrect

    trailer tags are not required to be turned in when they expire. I use mine to patch the holes in my house
    they are not insured for liability- hence no insurance paperwork is available- liability insurance coverage is provided by the vehicle policy
    no "inspector" is going to come roaming on anyones property looking for current license plates-under state law it is not illegal to
    have an untagged or out of state registered vehicle on your property, and they certainly aren't going to go roaming about my back yard checking license plates.

    I have 6+ trailers ,one is registered in md. some are registered in other states, some are kept in other states. and some are kept in Md at locations other than my home address. there is no way for the md Mva to determine where they are ,or when they are used

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