St. Maarten Fly Fishing?
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    Default St. Maarten Fly Fishing?

    I'm heading down to St. Maarten in the end of December and would love to do some fly fishing for bonefish, permit, etc. I have been looking online but all I see is offshore charters. Does anyone know of any flats guides down there or have any experience going alone?

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    I was down there last summer. You would think that the climate and ecosystem is ideal, but apparently not. We rented a beautiful villa at Baie Rouge and I fished the reef off our beach every morning and afternoon. I didn't catch much of anything, I did catch a few of these blue/yellow iridescent grouper looking fish, the size of a small bass. About 2 days later I grabbed a mask and swam through the reefs, not much in there! There are some beautiful coral fish, the kind you would see in a fish tank. And there were these guys that looked like cuda cruising around, but I never landed one.

    Someone did tell me that there was decent tarpon on the north side near Marigot. I didn't try it, but perhaps Simpson Bay has some fish in there and it is definitely wade-able. I think its basically a tidal pool. We did go fishing offshore and landed some really nice mahi-mahi.

    My family just bought a villa down there, so please report back with your results.

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    Default Never been there but...

    Bring back a bottle of Absinthe at least..

    Also the local rums are good and cheap. The fishing is mostly offshore but the dutch side beaches are topless. I would fish that side all day...

    My two daughters just came back from there and caught some nice offshore fishing..

    I got the rum... daily rations have arrived.

    Capt Mike

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    I was in St. Maarten 3 weeks ago and was inquiring about the fishing. Doesn't seem to be a lot of it going on other than a few off-shore charters. Couldn't even find a tackle shop on the island.

    p.s. It's the French side of the island that is "clothing optional". There's good and bad with that scenerio. I highly recommend a trip to Orient Beach.

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    The next time anyone is looking for an inshore guide on St. Maarten/ St. Martin look no further.

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