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    Rebels with a wire leader would CRUSH the big blues off of NJ when I was growing up. The big danger in that was unhooking them with two treble hooks on them, head shaking and trying to use the pliers around the razor teeth
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocksteady View Post
    Pick a flat day in May and head for the Jackspot . Once there , drag some cheap , homemade hoochies . You will catch bluefish until your arms fall off . Buy some cheap rubber skirts , add wire, egg sinker and haywire twist to a 7/0 hook and you are good to go . If you don't want to run that far , just head to Great Gull or Little Gull and go shark fishing . Very easy to catch and alot of fun . No reason to troll . A litle chum , some wire leader and fresh bait will get you plenty of action . Don't forget about the good tog fishing that can be had at the jetties .
    I'll second the whole hoochie troll (fake squid) thing. We slayed them in the late 1970's trolled right on top with no weight other than the lead head in the hoochie. We were fishing a lump called the Bass Grounds which is, as I recall, 8 miles offshore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocksteady View Post
    Some men you just can't reach . For Spring blues , do what I said !Rebels ? Stretches ? You want to troll fast for blues and not risk the chance of being bitten off ! Are you kidding me Greg ?

    At the Jackspot, in the spring-summer, the first lure in for us is a stretch 25. It's the first one to get hit... the most productive lure & catches the most species. Year after year... don't make fun of the man. If the blues are deep, they will hit the stretch on the way up, not always true for the surface lures.

    We typically pull a 7 rod spread, 2 stretch 25's & a mix of other surface lures incase Mr. BFT or Mr. Mahi are around. But mostly GM's & Hoochies. Have had all 7 hooked up at once on many occasion... the 25's usually get hit first.

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