Does premium gas have same % of ethanol?

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    Default Does premium gas have same % of ethanol?

    I heard a rumor today that premium gas does not have the same % of ethanol as regular . Anyone else heard this ? This guy claims that putting 10 % in premium does something to the octane rating so they put in less .

    I just came back from Florida this week and thank God I didn't try to start my outboard with the old seperator from last year . I took the filter off and drained it into a jar . It was put on last Sept and was run for a month using 6 gallon tanks then it set till this month . You wouldn't believe the crap that came out of the seperator . The bottom of the jar has about an inch of red liquid with what looks like water bubbles in it . Ugly stuff.

    While I was in Florida I picked up a seperator made by a company called Seachoice . The kit has a clear plastic drainable reusable base plus the replaceable 10 micron cartridge which fit my old Tempo mount . The plastic base and filter were $20 cheaper than the same Raycor kit . I told the manager in West Marine Rosedale about them and I hope they will order them . The reusable plastic base is neat since you can see if there is any water in it .

    Your still supposed to change the filter twice a year even though you can drain the water from the plastic thing since when the cartridge gets old and could clog and if left on to long the paint coating on the inside of the seperator can rust and flake off and get to the carbs . I had this happen with a Tempo filter that I forgot to change one year . After my carbs got clogged with small white chips and had to be rebuilt I used a hacksaw and cut the filter open . Most of the inside coating had flaked off and don't ask me how but the pieces got through the seperator filter and the engine filter to the carbs . Makes me wonder how good these filters are that we buy when you hear about all the carbs that are getting clogged form what the ethanol loosens up.

    Florida now has the e10 and the marine shops are making a bundle rebuilding carbs. They have a plan for the snowbirds that come home for the summer . They put your motor to sleep for $80 bucks and wake it up for $80 when you come back . Their pitch is that it's cheaper than the $275 they charge for rebuilding with all the ethanol problems . You can still buy nonethanol in florida at the marinas but it's about $0.50 more a gallon I've been told .


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    Ethanol is high octane; hence you usually get the full 10% in premium. Most of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and all of DC are in EPA's federal reformulated gasoline covered area. Only 'RFG' gasoline may be sold in a covered area. Refiners send what is called blendstock up the pipeline to northern virginia or by water into baltimore. They add the ethanol to the blendstock to make gas with sufficient octane and meet other specifications.

    The blendstock is made to meet the specifications AFTER the ethanol is added, so there is not much choice about whether one would add 6% or 10%. So far, all RFG blendstock; hence RFG, in the East is made to contain 10% (some in CA might have less).

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