Large gizzard shad for bait??

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    Default Large gizzard shad for bait??

    Has anyone cut up the large gizzard shad for bait for stripers ? If so how did it work ?

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    Fresh Gizzard Shad works great. Trouble is, where can you get fresh Gizzard Shad? I have a Virginia Recreational Gill Net License but Maryland won't even consider this option. I've caughtHuge Rock Fish in the Potomac while fishing for Catfish.

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    There were a bunch floating off Port D yesterday. The acted as though they were stuned. I could haves easily gotten several dozen. I also sometimes catch them shad fishing. There are the big ones about10-12 inches.. Any law in Maryland against keeping them for bate. I know Hickory and white are catch and release. What about the gizzard shad?

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    Once you cut one up for bait - you'll understand why not many use them as cut bait.

    I'm sure they would work for Rock - just be sure to use a circle hook.

    No reason you could not have them on the boat as bait - as far as I can tell from DNR booklet.
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    Fished the Octoraro creek yesterday. The mud/gizzard shads were heavy in the river. Typically, you end up snagging them. You'll need to loosen your drag when you feel the snag, let the fish run. The flesh is very soft and a quick hookset will pull the hook out of the fish. Use shad darts, tiny spoons, small spinners with trebles might work better... They tire quickly and its some pullage.

    As you turn off 222 into the parking lot, you see the park sign. Continue driving towards the river on the roughed-in road. Go down to the circle. There is a path to the river about 500'. You'll want to take some bug spray. Snagged about 10 fish in a row with every cast.

    From MD DNR site

    Fishing Tips:

    • Maryland has no regulations regarding gizzard shad.
    • Gizzard shad is not valued for human consumption because of its soft, rather tasteless flesh, and numerous fine bones and strong odor.
    • Gizzard shad do not bite baited hooks readily and if caught are almost always discarded.
    • They are more often foul hooked as anglers cast shad darts for river herring or American and hickory shad into streams in which these desirable species are mixed with spawning migrant gizzard shad.
    • Novice anglers often confuse some of the large (11-14 inch) gizzard shad that they have foul hooked with American or hickory shad. The deep body, small mouth and the thread on the last ray of the dorsal fin separate the gizzard shad from other related species.
    • A majority of the lakes and ponds in the Chesapeake Bay drainage system have large populations of gizzard shad, including Rocky Gorge and Triadelphia Reservoirs and Wye Mills, Unicorn, Johnson and Leonards Ponds.
    • Gizzard shad are very abundant in tidewater rivers. Since 1972, 78% of the finfish collected by the Conowingo Dam fish lifts have been gizzard shad (30 million total).
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    use a throw net to catch your mud/gizzard shad, they work great for stripers or cats, speciall when the herring is not abundant
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