Good Information Free fishing licenses to disabled, active duty military personnel
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    Default Free fishing licenses to disabled, active duty military personnel

    Just saw this, nice of the Governor!

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    Great news. We can't do enough for our vets.

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    God bless him for doing it!

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    I just couldn't let this go without comment. These actions pale in comparison to the benefits given veterans by dozens of other states. Although a step in the right direction, many of these initiatives are laughable and provide little benefit to the majority of veterans who now call Virginia home. Take for example the free fishing license. North Carolina gives veterans who are 50% disabled a free lifetime hunting and fishing pass. There are a whole bunch of other states offering a similar benefit. In Virginia, you have to be an inpatient or an outpatient in a military or veterans hospital or on leave from an active duty assignment. How many of those guys are going to use that benefit? It's a meaningless gesture. An even better example is the state income tax on military retired pay. More than a dozen states give our military retired veterans a break...some assess no tax at all on their retired pay. How about that Virginia? That would have been a real gesture of our appreciation for years of faithful, selfless service. I could go on and on about what other states do for veterans that is not done in Virginia but as a 25 year, 3 war, disabled combat veteran, living in Virginia, each and every one of these initiatives is a disappointment to me. It's almost as if they sat around a table and figured out what they could do that would sound good on a press release but actually cost very little in money or effort... then have the gaul to say they're living up to their promise to make this the most veteran friendly state. Not hardly.

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