Redhead XP-32 and XP-35???
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    Default Redhead XP-32 and XP-35???

    What are your guys opinions on the Redhead XP-32 and XP-35 bows??

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    Default Redhead XP-32 and XP-35???

    I bought a new bow over the summer. I tried/shot everything from the Brownings, Bowtechs, Hoyt, Mathews and a Diamond (by Bowtech) and the XP-32. The only bow I liked better than the XP-32 was the new Browning. Browning used to be a real player in the compound market 7-8yrs ago, but really slacked off. It seems they're back in touch with the hunting market b/c their new Illusion is SWEET. That being said I couldn't justify the additional $400+. The XP-32 was my choice over all the other bows. It's fast, VERY quiet, compact and accurate. The only draw back is some hunters prefer a longer bow with a larger brace height.....which are more forgiving. I like a short comapct bow.

    The riser was machined by Fred Bear archery, the limbs and the cams are designed and manufactured by Hoyt/Reflex. Bass Pro stands behind the entire set-up. Shoot a few differant models and manufactures and see which one you like.


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