Shooting downhill at an angle with a crossbow?
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    Question Shooting downhill at an angle with a crossbow?

    I need some advice on shot placement based on a current stand setup:

    In one of my stand spots, I am hunting out of a climber about 20-25 ft off the ground about 1/2 way down a 50-60 degree angled hill.
    My target will be below me at ~ 30 yds.

    I have sighted my crossbow in on a horizontal plane as most of us do with most weapons.
    My crossbow shoots 290 FPS and I'm using a red/green dot scope to aim.

    My question is do I have to aim lower or higher using the above scenario?
    I have shot many deer this year from an elevated position out to 30 yds with the xbow but the deer were always on a horizontal surface not angled like the scenario above. For the most part I have had very good results just aiming directly at the shoulder etc without any major shot compensation.

    I have also practiced shooting from an elevated position out to a horizontal 30 yd target and only had a drop of a couple inches from center.

    However last night I was out hunting and took a shot at a nice doe at 30 yds but had a complete miss.
    Yes it could have been a shooter error (yeah right! ) but I had a steady rest and the deer was relaxed and gave me a relatively nice broadside shot.

    I was just wondering if the shot angle may have played a role in the miss.

    I am getting alot of mixed responses from other areas on the web.

    Thanks in advance for your input/comments.


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    Uphill or down hill, the weapon will always shoot high. Bow, rifle, slingshot; all will shoot high.

    Several references on Google, here's one:

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    nothing better than practice.... take a few field points and launch a few practice shots from your stand...... the farther your target is from the base of your tree the less you have to compensate...

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    My ARC rangfinder drops a few yards off the distance for angle compensation, so instead of a 20 yard shot I'm shooting like its 18 yds, so just a tad lower than normal.

    BUT ok, so the deer is on a slope. But the deer still walks upright with his head towards the sky, so I don't see how the deer standing on a slope is any different than one standing at the bottom of a slope. Its not like the deer forgot to drink a V-8 when he got up and is walking slanted. When you walk along a slope you compensate by bending inner knee more so your shoulders are still level. BUT, if your stand is 20' high and the deer is 20' down the slope, then technically you are 40' above the deer.

    So to answer your question- lower. Buy an angle compensating rangefinder, they are great. I got the Bushnell ARC1000. Simple to use. Told me what I needed to drop a deer w/ my bow.

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    Aim a bit lower on steep downward shots if not most times you will shoot over top.

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