where to get em.
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    Default where to get em.

    Upper bay fishermen will probally know this, Where can you find the old bucktails that were used for bottom bouncing that we used with wire line. There's the Do-It mold stuff,but someone out there still must make the old eight ball, Italian flagg, skirted bucktail's etc.Charley at Angler's had a box of em a couple year's ago but there gone.Any idea's?

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    I believe Bud makes the very bucktails your speaking of.

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    I remember when you could stop in at chesapeak beach and they had them lined up in the show case loose. Eight balls, pinkies, yellow with green skirt etc. Of course you could fill up anything you could carry with blown ice for $1.00 and dip a bushel of doubler crabs most evenings in herring bay.

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