Important Points About Beach Access In NC
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    Default Important Points About Beach Access In NC

    Please forward this to all your contacts - well written by Scott Dawson - these points need to be pointed out! Your senators and congressmen need to hear from you!

    If we want national sympathy we need the following points to be made crystal clear:

    1.) We have been banned from WALKING, on the beaches that are closed. That has to come out because no one has any sympathy for beach driving I am just telling you a fact. Once people learn we can't even set foot on the beach the sympathy grows 1,000 fold.

    2.) The consent decree was signed under threats of all our beaches being closed year round which would cause everyone to have to leave because an island with no beach is pointless. Our commissioners signed that decree because they were forced to do so against their will and the will of the people. I quote Allan Burrus "It was like picking between getting shot in the foot or the head." He said that to the Coastland Times and it was printed. Plus he would say it again I am sure.

    3.) Thousands of other birds and hundreds of mammals including minks, otters, raccoons, foxes and opossums have been killed in inhumane ways such as drowning, poison gas, leg traps and shot guns by the NPS for a non-indeginous bird. This shocks people and is also completely unknown outside of this island and a handful of folks in Nags Head.

    4.) Our economy has been crushed by the closures.

    5.) There is no science to prove we caused any harm to the bird. Nothing was subject to peer review and zero empirical evidence was ever brought forth by NPS. In fact, after they closed the beach the number of birds went down! This is probably because the presence of people on the beach keeps the predators of the birds off the beach. (This is entire thing has to do with money not the birds.)

    6.) NPS would not and will not even hold meetings on the island and instead held them over an hour away in the middle of the work week or at very early times in the morning to make it nearly impossible for Hatteras and Ocracokers to attend. Then in these ridiculous meetings we were banned from recording what took place because if the public ever saw what we saw their would be national outrage.

    7.) The NPS land was stolen from us in the 1950s with the promise that it would be made into a National Park and that we would never have to pay to use it nor anyone else.

    ALL LIES. Now we are banned outright from setting foot on the best parts of our island.

    8.) Audubon sold 14 acres of oceanfront land donated to them to be a bird sanctuary for 25 million dollars to developers in the northern Outer Banks. This was a front page story in the Outer Banks Sentinel.

    These are the talking points we need to make clear because they have never been said on TV or in any major newspaper. We are getting the Ron Paul treatment here they just ignore us. We have to never use the words ORV again we have to start saying what it is and that is a complete ban from even setting foot on the beach that point is critical.

    I have the opportunity to send a pilot to the Anderson Cooper show. They want a 5 minute video and if good enough I will get to go to NY and I WILL make these points clear. However, when we have guys standing in front of a truck with a bulls-eye on a fish complaining about ORV access it plays right into the oppositions hands. We need to hold a meeting and go over these talking points and get organized to start some civil disobedience and some PR we can do for our cause. I am open to ideas but I also know what it is going to take to get people to listen to us and it is the points above in that order.

    Scott Dawson

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    Well put Mr. Dawson, I applaud you for your efforts and hope to hear more from you in the near future about this issue.

    Good luck

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    I agree, thanks for the post.

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    I will support you all day in keeping our natural resources open for use by all of us! If you need moral or physical support, please call me.

    When you go to the media, though, please make sure that you don't bring with you anyone who lives on "your" island who has also taken Federal money to rebuild once, twice, or more when the inevitable storms have wiped him out. We don't want your (righteous) position to be clouded by claims of hypocripsy from others who note that principles about government non-interference are convenient now but not exercised at other times...

    I want to emphasize - I am on YOUR side of this issue. Let's be careful though...

    If you get to talk to the major media, you might want to also consider showcasing the amount of effort and money spent by the government to thwart other sporting uses of our resources. When I see USCG aircraft patrolling the 3 mile line, it makes me wonder what their budgets are actually intended for, and how they can justify spending $$ on that. Hassling rod&reel fishermen with aircraft that cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour to operate doesnt seem right to me...

    Again - let me know if you want some help.
    Go Get 'em!

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