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    hahaha agreed . . greenhead gear is all i float . dozen blacks and geese look so pretty

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    Bigfoot geese floaters and field decoys, G+H decoys, plasti-duk decoys, real heavy tarred twine, parachute cord, weight pouring molds for real, heavy, open water style decoy weights, grundens oilskins, guy cotten boots, filson coats, xtra tuff boots, best brand crabbing gloves, keep a proper supply of kent fasteel, winchester xpert, Federal black cloud, and Remington hypersonic steel loads ALL SEASON LONG, 12 gauge and 10 gauge, carry-lite SWAN decoys, proper supply of carrhart or walls coveralls, currituck style SHOVING POLES, good quality 10 micron fuel filters (not the cheapo walmart brand), and develop some waders comparable to the Cabelas brand in quality. Carry some decent feather pluckers too, and their spare parts. Find a supplier for good quality camo tarps of the heavyweight army canvas type. Keep a decent supply of Avery layout blinds.

    And keep some real decoy species in stock. Needs to be redhead, blackneck, canvasback, pintail, gadwall, wigeon, black ducks, blue peters, and geese available all the time. Oversized decoys rather than the tiny little decoys.

    If you had all this in one spot, you would have the tidewater VA hunters business. All the cheapo Chinese duck hunting gear yall carry is of little use and lasts no longer than one season.

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