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    I was looking back in my log book and came across a fun trip - thought you might get a laugh from it.

    Diving off NW coast of Costa Rica in 70 feet. Site is called Virador - cool rock that you swim around. Water was murky - viz. about 30 feet or so. I was just below the group of 6 divers - scouting along where sand met the rocks. The group spooked a lot of fish towards me - not sure what kind.

    I saw something out of place on the sandy bottom - anchor hound in me always looking for stuff. This object was about 4 feet long and at a 90* angle. Looked like a cross or X on the bottom. I got closer and went to pull the treasure from the sand.

    Just as I reached for it - bottom exploded and some thing big brushed past me. Turns out - it was two large Rays laying buried in the sand.

    The X I saw was their long tails laying over one another. Pure luck I did not get hurt by these big 4-5 foot Rays.
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    Huhh... Thats really intresting, hope i never come that close.

    Justin Hart
    Malibu 12.5 Pro-Explorer

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