Need some Help Moving to CT. Fish Seasons?
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    Default Moving to CT. Fish Seasons?

    Hey Everyone,

    After my deployment the U.S Navy is moving me up to CT. I am going to greatly miss fishing in Virginia but look forward to catching fish in CT. However, I know absolutely nothing about the area. Well, I know basically what salt water species are available, but was wondering if anyone could chime in around what time certain species show up in the Northeast? I at least want to have a basic understanding so when I move up there I know what species may be hanging around and what's coming up in the future.


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    Dave as an AD military member, I also move frequently. As much as I like TF, the yankees are not on here in large numbers. I recommend you check out the Bass Barn. Lots of Nor'easters on that site and it was the one I used to research the fishing when I lived up north.


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    Dave, when I lived on LI the Bible was "The Fisherman Magazine" At the time it was the Long Island edition. I believe there is a New England edition and it was a great resourse. They are on Facebook too. check it out. I know you are probably itching to go fishing but in the meantime you can search Google and the ports you will be near in CT. There are other foums and web sites for that area. is a good one. I'll be glad to help in doing some research if you need it. I appreciate your service. Your presence will be missed in VA. Stay safe! Steve

    I agree with Big Country

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    Traveled extensively working for the military, I was AD USAF in early 80s, but worked for the military until 2007 as a contractor.
    I use water temperature for my striped bass, bluefish and tuna trips. Well, you do need to find the structure where the fish are.
    I start fishing for striped bass when the water hits 50, as long as the law allows. Connecticut shore should hit that by April. Stripers tend to go deep when the surface warms. If you have a boat it is easier to find fish.
    Blues move in as the stripers go deep. the warmer the water, the more blues. maybe mid may for Connecticut. Tuna will be boat fish, bluefin likes about 60-65, yellow fin somewhat warmer. June-Nov.

    You will get the hang of it. Start by looking for the fisherman, the birds, the structure, study it at low tide, then fish both incoming and outgoing. one will usually be better.
    Tight lines.

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