Fishing Report Did OK for Friday 13th w pics

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    Default Did OK for Friday 13th w pics

    Most fishermen are superstitious but I don't really believe in all that. Friday the 13th is supposed to be a bad luck day but weather was too nice to let superstition keep me off the water.

    Just to be safe though - I did put my underwear on backwards ( note to self - do not wear thong ).

    Fellow Tfer Charlie S ( Charlie ) met me at Sandy Point at 8:00 am. Had to dodge the deer - they are everywhere in the park. Ran out on flat seas towards # 87 marker. Saw enough bait to warrant putting out the rods. We had last of outgoing and circled the area. Heard some chatter on VHF - some good , some more suited to opening day . Slack current came and wind picked up from the north - putting slight chop on the bay. Worked mostly east / west and got a hit off the board in 75 feet. Charlie reeled in a nice mid 30 incher that hit a white 6 oz Spankin Striper with green glitter shad 60 feet of board. Water is fairly clean - the glitter shads work well.

    DNR boat was cruising by and saw the fish. Officer swung by and counted the rods out , saw fish released - then waved good bye. Great to see them out patrolling. That fish broke the 13th myth of being bad luck. We stayed in general area and umbrella off the boat got hit but fish missed. Wind shifted to NE and began to lay down - bay was almost calm again. Another board rod got hit - 6 / 2 tandem. Fish hit a chartreuse 2 oz Alien with blue / silver glitter shad. Fought well for it's size and once at the boat - we saw it had nasty fin rot all over it. Pulled the fish in for quick photo and the fin rot literally fell off. The fish was covered in sea lice - not rotted fins. Had to be a hundred on this fish.

    It dropped a bunch all over the deck. They were everywhere.

    Set the fish loose and washed those critters out the scuppers. Had another hit but it missed the hook. We pulled rods at 3:30 and ran the short distance back to the ramp at 30 knots.
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    It's getting to the point that I don't recognize Charlie unless he's holding a fish.
    5th (Marty)

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    Put your underwear on backwards??? Be careful who you invite Should have hit a deer and had surf and turf for dinner tonight. Never mind there both out of season Glad you two had a nice day..........again...............Gary
    Every rose has it's thorns.

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    Just to be had to write a note to yourself NOT to wear thongs. Does that mean you wear them so much, you had to remind yourself not to?? Inquiring minds want to know!

    On second thought, I don't want to know!

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    Way to get on 'em Skip!


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    Thanks for the report Skip. Charlie is a fishing fool, he balanced out any bad luck you could of had from the 13th.

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    wtg guys. thx for rpt/pics.
    not much going for me down at your favorite spot (cp).
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    Only one thing wrong with those pics of fish, that is I am not in it. Time to get back to work on prepping the boat. The rods, reels and lures are ready to go. Way to go on the fishing and photo ops guys. You all had a far better day than Kona and I. Thanks for your kind responses to my thread about losing Kona. Skip, give Ruckus a big hug for Kona and me. He is a great looking dog!
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    Thx for the nice report as usual Skip

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    Skip, Thanks again for another great trip ! I always seem to learn something new each time I fish with you. Yesterday, it was that the shade of brown, of the rubber bands, is very important!
    Marty...The only thing missing was that 6 pak-ladder monstrosity of yours. You wanna sell yours?
    Capt. Charlie Schneider ,Big Will Charters
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