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    I spent a beautiful day fishing the area around Matapeake yesterday when I saw something that made me sit down and throw out a reminder to all us fisherman. I was passing astern of a nice looking teal hulled center console and saw what appeared to be a father and son team working a fish. It looked like the son was the angler. What i saw next blew my mind. The father jumps over the transom and onto the motor brackt. He is standing on the bracket leaning over the side stabbing with the net at the fish. I kept running thru the plan in my mind of how i was going to get this guy when he fell in the water. Luckily he gets the fish in the net and on the boat (BTW-please dont net in the C and R season, it takes the slime off the fish).

    Just a reminder, water temperatures are in the 50's. Dont put yourself in a sistuation of going in. Fisihng alone or with another, they may not be able to get you back in the boat and you cant help the longer you are in the water.

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    Thanks. Excellent reminder on both counts!!!


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