Question How does Weather affect the bite
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    Default How does Weather affect the bite

    I was sitting here thinking, it might be a good idea to put these questions out and see what answers come back. I am going to post this on the offshore board too as a compairison from offshore to inshore. How do these things affect fishing to make it good bad better or worse?

    1) What affect does the moon phase have?

    2) How does water temp changes affect feeding?

    3) how does chloryphil affect?

    4) How does air temp affect?

    5) how does a front comming through affect, wheather it be a cold front or warm front?

    6) How does barimetric pressure affect?

    7) How does salinity affect?

    8) How does wind speend and or direction affect?

    9) How does water clairity affect?

    10) How does a cloudy or sunny day affect?

    11) How do tides affect, an extreme ebb or flood: a slack, flood or ebb tide?

    12)Does weather affect if you use artifical or live bait? Color selection? Bait size? (this can vary greatly by species but just a general)

    13)Do the SST and chloriphyl pay sites really make that much of a differance over the free site like Rutgers?

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    Do your research. It would take a book length or two to explain/answer all of the questions here. It takes years of experience to come up with some of the information.

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    you need to pick a species of fish ..... almost every species of fish reacts differently to every question you ask
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    Here is what i know . None of it matters. If you don not fish during all of those conditions then you can not know how it affects them. Fish can be caught in all conditions. People have told me not to fish certain tides or the day after a blow. None of it means anything unless the fish was told. Like others have said pick a species or two and target them in all conditions.Some may be better or worse than others say..

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    As said different fish react differently. This is what has worked for me. Everyone is different keep that in mind. Because the 80's and early 90's involved some mind altering substances I took fishing notes for several years to help me duplicate my tactics from year to year. Many of your questions DO impact the bite. You can spend days on end reading up by using the internet. The best advise is not to read into it too much. Get out on the water and learn what works for that area and species. You cant beat experience. GET ON THE WATER AND FISH.
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    Never mind all of that crap...just go fishing!!

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    I responded to your post on the offshore forum but since this one got a few responses I'll put it up here too since it is a wothy read. There is no way you could put the answer to those questions in forum post but read The Fisherman Ocean then ask what that book doesn't answer.

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    When is the best time to go fishing? When the fish are biting.

    When is the next best time to go fishing? When you can.

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    All I know is I don't like Flounder fishin' on an East wind !!!

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