After the rains of last night I had the suspicion that the stream might
Be carrying a lot of water.
The stream was indeed higher but it was fishable.
What was forecast as a dull day turned out to be a pleasant warm and
sunny day in the outdoors.

The first thing I noticed was the loads of Hawthorn flies buzzing around,
those critters where everywhere.
I was not sorry that I decided in the morning to take the dry fly box with me.

Since most of my fishing spots had no room for back casts started fishing the
Nymph first which delivered a mixed bag of roach and dace.
After fishing my honey hole I scanned the upstream section of water for
Cruising fish and noticed that a nice brown trout was feeding in the surface.
The trout would have been an ideal candidate for the dry fly but again there
was no room to cast.
So I tried to catch the trout with the nymph but after a few attempts it moved
away to safer places.

I fished a lure at the spot where I encountered so many trout last week but
It stayed very quiet there.
So it was back to nymphing which brought some more Roach.
I ended the day at a spot where some Dace where quite active in the surface.
I tied on a Segde and placed it right at the nose of a Dace which grabbed it
After that I called it a day.