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    Default Severn - 7/5

    For years I have enjoyed and appreciated that TF reports of SteveL and Piscophile. They fish light and ultalight tackle at many spots in the Severn, much like I do. I received an invitation to fish with them on Steve's boat Fri morning. We had a great time, catching plenty of perch on different spinners. I used a Woody's feather jig and a Bignose spinnerbait. The other guys used beetle spins tipped with 2" Gulp. The Gulp seemed to produce somewhat larger perch at the first stop -- I think the largest was nearly 12". I caught my share of medium perch. I also managed to hook two 15" rockfish (quite a pull on my ultralight rod), one very small bluefish (~4"), and a pretty little pumpkinseed.

    The three of us had a pleasant morning with good catching and good conversations. I look forward to the next time I get to fish with these guys.

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    Speaking for me self Mr. Veil was a welcome addition to our day, sorta like a blind date.
    When you first meet um, and they are not too ugly, and, know the dance, you done good.
    John was a pleasent fishing buddy, did'nt break any stuff, and caught his share of fish.
    It dont get no goodern that.


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    It was a real pleasure to meet you after years of reading your Tidalfish posts and "talking" to each other on the internet! I had a great time fishing with you on the Severn, and it was a nice mix of species.

    Piscophile and I both live in the mountains so it is hard for us to make it to the SRRKC meetings. I think we are going to enter a SRRKC tournament so that we have the opportunity to be inducted into the organization.


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