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    Default 9/20 Mid Bay

    Ran out for a few hours this morning out of the Severn. Trolled a bit with a mix of everything: white tandem, spoon, red hose, and a stretch 20. One 16" on the stretch 20". Then jigged a few spots, threw a mix of white bkd's, silver bkd's, sting silvers, z-man, etc. Reeled in another 16" on a white 6" BKD.

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    I went out of Chesapeake Beach, expecting LTJ action. Went to south Poplar, Knapps Narrows, airplane wreck, mouth of the Choptank, Stone Rock, Western shore from Parkers to Chesapeake Beach. Jigged some and trolled some; caught nothing and did not see much to fish for.

    5 headboats from Kent Narrows were fishing for spot north of #12 in the Choptank. The live lining fleet was near Stone Rock. I saw small spot caught by the headboat anglers and an occasional fish caught by the live liners.

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    Well I am glad I fished the "other" mid-bay area in Southern MD. I was ready to run the cwoods route.

    Wide open for 4-5 hours.

    ...and that is the way fishing goes.
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