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    Has anyone done any good yet this fall in the surf? I read reports daily up and down the coast and we read about how good the surf fishing is in north Jersey this time of year. After 3 trips this fall and being skunked every time, I really question that. And it wasn't just us that didn't catch anything. I am reading reports still that they are catching a ton of fish up in NY. The water temps have to be in the mid 50s around here by now, shouldn't these migrating fish be around this area now? The last couple years seemed to be terrible in the surf. Years ago we used to kill big blues and stripers this time of year. If these big schools of migrating fish are still way up in Ny then when will they be down this way? You would think way into dec, but why if the water temps are ideal for these fish? We fished IBSP last week and their were 100s of boats 500 yards off the beach but no fish in the surf. Were the fish way off the beach because of the west winds? After years of surf fishing I still have no clue to the answers of many of these questions. I used to do great in the surf and at one time I thought I knew what I was doing, apparently not now. Last season we went to Sandy Hook and the same thing, 100s of boats a quarter mile off the beach but no fish in the surf. I always thought the breaking waves stirred up bait attracting fish for an easy meal. I hope we get a couple weeks this year that their are nice fish in the surf, and I hope it happens very soon. I fished in Jersey this summer many times for the first time in my life. The flounder fishing in De was nothing like it used to be and we used to do excellent. We must have taken our small boat out in the back bays behind Margate a half dozen times in Aug/Sep. And I have to tell you the fishing was great up there. The last trip we took we boated close to 100 fish, probably 20 flounder (only 3 keepers), a few nice blues, a keeper striper, and a ton of seabass (a few keepers). I know the past few years taking our small boat in the back bays behind the inlet we didn't do even close as good. I was really hoping their fall surf fishing would match the great summer fishing we did up there, but it didn't. Let's hope we can get a few fish in the surf around here this year. I'm interested to hear if anyone has done anything to date. Thanks :)

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    I fished AI 8 times this year and I really think the long slow drop off makes the bite fickle. Bait next to shore is not a reality.
    Unless the wind and tide align to the tenth degree.

    But surf fishing is tough and requires many hours and days to unlock the puzzle.

    Capt Mike

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