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    Default Side Scan Imaging

    Has anyone ever tried using side scan fish finders offshore? I know people use them in freshwater and inshore but haven't heard a whole lot of of feedback of offshore use.

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    Wait until the new Garmin 7600 series and the new combination Chirp side/down vue come out after the Miami Boat Show. It's going to be a game changer and a magnitude increase over the current technology available.

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    I scuba dive and have dove wrecks we first went over with sidescan.

    Detail was very good for 80 feet deep. It showed us the outline plus fish around it.

    Captain said he can also spot bait / fish under weed mats.

    His only complaint was if rough and in trough - signal bounced around too much. It seemed best at 2-4 knots - did not ask him if he uses it at tuna speed (6-9 knots ).
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