No hat no gloves, thank you December!
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    Default No hat no gloves, thank you December!

    I launched into the Severn early this am and was overdressed for the nice sunny morning. This was as nice a morning as any I fished in November...
    I tested one estuary and had one follow and one nice chain pickerel to hand on an 1/8oz jig w/ 2" chartreuse curly tail grub. Not a fish for the board but a spunky guy nevertheless. The take in the colder water is much more subtle than the pics I was catching 8 weeks ago when they would really slash at and slam the lure.

    Second stop was the 450 bridge pilings on the South side of the river. I jigged a golden sting silver on a gentle incoming tide but no interest. I would still be on the river were it not for an appointment in Charm City.
    Tight lines,

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    I agree with Scott about overdressing. I had too many layers on this morning while out chasing pickerel. The bite was slow for me today -- 2 smalls and 1 medium pickerel in over 3 hours of casting.

    Early in the morning I saw a large head (about the size of a golf ball) moving along just above the water. My guess is a snapping turtle, but I never saw any other part of the animal.

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    Glad others got out on such a nice day.

    How often do you see the bay like this in December ? Taken about 2:00 near # 86 marker.

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