Fishing Report 12/27 - Sandy Point LTJ w pics

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    Default 12/27 - Sandy Point LTJ w pics

    Hard to believe the forecast - light winds and near 60* - on last week in December. Debated the long trailer to PLO area but with few reports of big fish there - decided to fish much closer to home and use Sandy Point ramp. Over the years I've found 4-5 places that hold Rock and often White Perch and they show up nicely on depth finder.

    This makes for easy run / gun type fishing. Left the house at 10:00 am - no real rush since it is all C/R fishing and figured it would be warmer the more the day wore on. Everything was going as planned as I trailered down I-97 until I got near the Rt. 50 split. Traffic slowed then stopped - WTF ???? on a Saturday. Noticed an awful lot of out of state tags and cars decorated with college football logos - Oh no , it was the military bowl in Annapolis.

    Traffic slowly inched it's way east as the clock was ticking. I do not mind fishing into dark in winter but Sandy Point has strict 5:00 pm closure for holiday lights.

    It took about 1 1/2 hours to go the 4 miles to Rowe Blvd - then traffic cleared and it was back up to highway speed to Sandy Point. Launched about noon and noticed tide was low. Odd since prediction was for outgoing water around 1:00. Only few other trailers there as made my way to the bay.

    Once past jetty - found a flat but stained bay and pushed throttles down to begin my search , dodging some decent size debri. Stopped by rockpile and saw 4 boats but no one catching. Current was barely moving though - beginning of outgoing. I worried it would be weak with tide already low. Checked a few deep water areas but only found scattered bait about 45 feet down in 70 feet.

    The deep water off Sewer pipe held a few fish but I could not get them to bite. Saw one boat trolling full spread with boards but they appeared in search mode - never saw them circle or reel in a fish. Took gamble and ran south to # 88 area and found fish deep in 90 feet.

    Tough to anchor here as it is in shipping channel - luckily calm enough I could drift and bump engine in reverse now / then to hold over fish. Nothing to write home about - small Rock so went back on the hunt.

    Current was moving better and found much better marks in 60 feet out of channel and set up over them. Gold Stingsilver with dropper fly outfished a 5 inch white BKD on 1 1/2 oz leadhead by 10-1 margin. I try both - some days it is other way around.

    Fish really prefer an almost motionless lure - just a subtle " tick " signaled a hit. Often I saw line move a touch upcurrent as well.

    No big ones - best went about 25 inches.

    Managed about 4 White Perch - saved these as late Christmas present for our Black Lab. DNR officer swung by for a check - he said it has been fairly quiet last few weeks.

    Kept close eye on the time and current slowed just about the time I had to leave. Pushed throttles to 5,000 RPM's making about 37 knots across a still calm bay. Got to park as lights were coming on - went past gate at 4:55 - , hell 5 minutes to spare. Even though not dark - about 10 cars were lined up to see the lights.

    Trailering back over the Severn - saw same DNR officer running back towards Annapolis - great to see them out patrolling. Had to focus back on traffic - SOB , game was over and I got stuck in back up again. This one moved better - only lost about 1/2 hour getting home.

    Fun day of just goof off type fishing - love to get 3-4 more trips in like this before ice gets here.
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    Beautiful day to go out. Wish mind was ready.......

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    Kate and I were looking at those temperatures, and it occurred to us that it would be a nice day for a boat ride. Bummer about the traffic, but nice report!
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    Fished Saturday off the Palm Beaches with JBchaser from TF hit 85 with little wind down right summery, fishing was not good muttons, mangrove snappers, grunts and gazillions of blue runners, going to do it again tomorrow.

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