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one fish
12-06-2006, 09:46 AM

Hi Brandon,

I thank you for all of your effort over the yrs, for ches agler(?), wwa and tf. So, please don't take any of this personal. These boards have been great.

Someone sold you a bill of goods here and it just isn't working out. :( :(
Maybe you had contractors do this last release and they did what they wanted, NOT what I want. And I have to believe that I a lot others think the same way.

There was nothing wrong with this board except for the lack of speed, as far as I know. If people were clamoring for special features, I didn't see it. I understand that change is sometimes needed and is good. Seem here, that change was done for the sake of change.

THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS THE DANG COLUMN HEADINGS BEING ON THE LEFT SIDE, INSTEAD OF UP TOP (HENCE - COL HDGS). This is what is causing the main problem here. I suspect it might be a big change, but they have to go. I am not going to keep scrolling to see what should and prob is on one page on most any other site. I must have been on 10 sites yesterday (looking for alternative fishin sites) and none on them have the col hdgs on the side.
Maybe in the 19 pages of you post you say that they are gonna be removed, but I'm not going thru 19 pages to find it. If removing them from the left side is in the plan, then I apologize and we'll go forward.

If the removal is not in the plans, then I'll continue, with some other odds n ends. The main prob is the forum page where all you can see is the post name and 'rating'. Who the he$ cares about the rating, whatever that is. You're taking up valuable space with a 'who cares' column. The last post should be there. And what is with the cursor putting that lime color over the title so it can't be read???.

Testing is a large part of rolling out any release. I have been in the programming business for over 20 yrs and testing is the most important aspect of development, to me. I would be totally embarrassed to have my name linked to a release such as this. Again, if you had contractors do this, you should demand a partial refund of your $. Features not working/addresses appearing whare they shouldn't/18 pages of odds n ends/no help document issued with the release. (I still don't see any). Not to mention the site being down all day yesterday. And I still don't see an apology or explanation.

This release has been a disaster. And it is a refection on you and the great site that it has been.

I see your post about reviewing the screen now. I still have to scroll a little to see all of the sentence. Again, I went into 10 sites yesterday and didn't have that problem. So, don't anyone suggest that I change my settings.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this am and need to catch some bigguns at the cbbt or OC, md. But, I don't think so. I'm not calling for a rebellion here, but if others think the same say, I think it is our responsibility to let you know, so you can give us what we want.
Other releases have been 'transparent to the users', for the most part. If anyone thinks that of this release, then I have some swamp land to sell you.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
Again... thanks for the site over the years, it has been great. But, if it is going to remain with those col hdrs on the side and I have to scroll to see the info, and scroll to read post, I'll become a lurker, as many have become.

Hope you get it squared away. And Merry Xmas.

12-06-2006, 10:01 AM
Brandon has a post about this issue, why not post your greivance there with some actual useful information, like your screen resolution.

12-06-2006, 02:25 PM
Not addressing most of your concerns, but...

I hate multiple pages too, but you can change in your user preferences how many posts appear per page to get rid of them. Then I just know I scroll to the bottom for the newest stuff (you can also change it to have newest stuff at the top if you want, which I think is a great feature though I personally prefer it at the end).


12-06-2006, 03:34 PM
Brandon has a post about this issue, why not post your greivance there with some actual useful information, like your screen resolution.

Probably cuz ya dont get much response from Brandon on his doesn't look like he has responded for the last 3 pages.....:( :( :( I know I never get a response from him on the board, email, old bmail or new bmail.......:( Go figure....IMHO, the old site shoulda been left alone or this new site "tested" some more... I aint no puter guru, but I've seen other sites that were more "user" friendly...why cant this one be that way?????? This is 2006 right??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :o :rolleyes:

12-06-2006, 03:47 PM
this new site/server or whatever the heck you want to call it,has got some problem's the Bass Barn seems to be the same or same design as this site with out the problems they site works great and is fast as heck,this site is still slow,I agree the left header needs to go but that is already adressed I belive,I'am sure given some time Brandon will get it all fixed,I'am hoping anyway:)

12-06-2006, 04:13 PM
I for one like the new site...I really like the side navigation bar and I think this is much better then last...

Good Job Brandon!

Johnny Rockfish
12-06-2006, 04:29 PM
The Sidebar Navigation is plain stupid. Navigation belongs along the top HEADER. Side bar navigation was popular in the mid 1990's when web developers still built web sites using frames! The colors and everthing involving the logic of the website seems to be improving a little everyday.

Brandon: Shrinking the sidebar will not resolve the issue. You need to get into the cascading style sheets and customize this thing a little. Right now you could just get rid of the text in the side bar and center the main page, and leave the gray border. IT would look pretty good. Cut and paste all the logic for the sidebar make a new header, then drop all that info inside that table you just created... Come on Guys! Geeeez :confused:

one fish
12-06-2006, 04:43 PM
Hi Guys,

I could give a rat's arse where the navigation bars are, as long as they aren't causing problems. Which, these apparently have. I complained about the popups when they were in the last release. That is my perrogative (don't have time to use sp chk).:)

The main point of my post, be it usefull info or not, is that this whole shabang has been handled very unprofessionally and has been a forest.

Why is my address still visiable to anyone??? I have tried to change it/delete it several times. Isn't this a prioritly. In B's post up top, I think it says it is fixed. It says the left side bar (creating a space problem) has been addressed. the forum pages are still pieces of sheeit. When I get into a post, I still have to scroll. Keep making the print smaller. Yeah, that's a great fix. keep up the great work. Keep telling B how great it is.

Where is a static post, staying up top that instructs us what to do. Instructs us how to get rid of our address. Instructs us how to use the new features, whatever they are, whichever ones work.
Anyone tried to do a search?? Mine doesn't work.
What sense does it make to move your cursor over something and then not be able to read it. Whey do I have to take several keystrokes to get back to the forum that I was on before posting a reply.??

If there are easy way to do these things and if I am suppose to do something to make things better, WHERE THE HE$$ ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS??
Are some of you being paid to tell us how to do it?? If not, maybe you should be. But, thanks anyway, it is nice of you. But, it is not your job, it should be the person who is in charge.

As I said in the orig post, I could go on and on. But I have to go home now, even though I am riled up and could go on.

I've been on these sites since the beginning. We have gone thru releases. Something was dreadfully different this time (no Tom G??). Thought and consideration was not given to the end user, which is us. Maybe too much thought was put into the technical end of it. But way too little was given into the release part of it (testing/impact/failures/etc.

You all could agree or disagree, I don't care. I wrote this for Brandon. It was meant as constructive critism. B is a great guy and these have been great boards. He just really blew this release, for whatever reasons.

12-06-2006, 04:51 PM
Well ..... I for one am with Stepchild ....... this site does not seem faster and does not allow you to search the archives, does not allow you to save threads as the other site did. It's also less user friendly and it starts with the articles. I believe most of us are interested in the boards most of the time and ocassionally in the articles ....... and the side bar is annoying ....... I only need to see it when I want to change boards not all of the time. Personally, I don't see an improvement. Stepchild is also right about he response to concerns ........ there are 10's of pages of concerns with only 1 response which was 6 days ago.

Brandon ........ not nailing you bro ........ you bring a great service to this community ........ I just think the old system was better than this for features and convenience. The only concern I had with the old system is that it got bogged down from time to time but that should have be relieved by larger communications pipes and faster servers like you did with this software. But at least the old system was reliable ......... this one has been up and down quite alot over the last few days ........ and down a whole day yesterday .......

Since apparently this software is here to stay ..... we'll get use to it ....... but is must be more reliable .......

Wiley Old Coot
12-06-2006, 05:05 PM

Don't give up!

...I need you to represent me and all the other users that just know how to click, read, and type. When the page is confusing or hard to use, or looks "funny" I'm just stuck with it. I found the earlier version friendly and informative, and I miss it.

Keep your suggestions comin' in.

Keep it "Positive and Constructive"!!

Rich Redler