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12-07-2006, 01:23 PM
Hi Gang,

I am still working through some old support emails, most I have gotten to and fixed. However, if you have not heard from me yet, I just may have not gotten to your email, but I will.

Current Known Issues and Solutions:<p>
1) Classifieds: Fixed, now working. Enter your ads away.

2) Post Counts: A few members post counts are still off. If this applies to you, please send me an email with "Post Count" in the subject. In the email tell me the approximate amount of posts you previously had, I will check it with our records and make the correction.<p>

3) If you recently renewed your Subscription before the change over and your account is not showing the subscriber status please shoot me an email. Put the subject as: Subscription Needs Updating. Please include in the email the approximate date you renewed or updated it and I will get that fixed.<p>

4) Adding another option beyond Pal Pal to pay or renew subscriptions. Currently working on adding this option.<p>

5) Sidebar: The size has been reduced so it does not take up as much of the screen. We may reduce it further.<p><p>

Bugs and other Fixes

1) As mentioned previously, the under 13 issue has been resolved.<p>

2) As mentioned previously, all street addresses are not public.<p>

3) Font size of Members Names on the Boards has been increased<p>

4) Font size of Thread Titles has been increased<p>

5) Font of post text has been increased.<p>

6) Color scheme of the Message Boards has been altered to make it easier to read. We still may tweak this and may add the ability to give users the option to pick their own color scheme in the near future, but most have been happy with the existing improvement. <p>

7) Subscription information and links located at the very bottom of all pages in the footer under "Get a Tidal Fish Subscription Today!" has been fixed. <p>

8) If you are a Subscriber you have the ability to upload pictures right into your post and have them stored on I made the change so you can now upload up to three (3) pictures at a time so you do not have to add one by one like the old site. <p>If you are attaching pictures from a URL I made the fix so you can do five (5) at once so you do not have to do one by one like the old site.<p><p>

IF you have any other issue not covered here please send me an email. In the Subject PLEASE put the problem and in the body of email include your user name and email associated with that account with a brief description of the problem and we will get you set up.



12-07-2006, 04:48 PM
Thank you Brandon for all the time and effort you are puting into this site.

Would you please explain the purpose of Thread ( / Thread Starter ( ?

12-08-2006, 10:57 AM
Subscription Needs Updating I Think December
[email protected]