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12-12-2006, 01:48 PM
Please confirm that when my message box gets full it will

1) not let me receive new messages
2) delete the oldest message

12-12-2006, 10:06 PM
1) correct
2) I do not believe it will automatically delete your oldest message. It will just stay that way until you delete them.

I looked at your account and saw you are a regular registered member.
If you upgraded to a Subscriber or Super Subscriber you would have enhanced storage, other features and part of the fee goes towards fisheries conservation. Details below:

Subscription Options

1) Registered Users: Free

This is the basic requirements to be able to read the message boards and make posts. This group has125k of storage space for pictures, can make posts, start threads, storage of up to 20 bMail/Private messages, can only send one bMail/Private Message at a time, and can have up to a 15k Profile Picture (300x300 pixel) picture.

2) Tidal Fish Subscriber: $15/year
(Simply $1.19/month. $1.00 is donated to the Lateral Line Foundation)

Tidal Fish’s regular level of Subscription. This group has all the features of a Registered User plus: a Signature in their posts, ability to see thread/post Deletion Notices, can Search all Forums, Can Rate Threads, can Upload Pictures/Attachments with 40mgs of storage, up to 250 bMail/Private Messages, Message Tracking, can send up to 5 messages at once, can View Who’s Online, Can manage own User Notes about others, can have up to a 40k Profile Picture (300x300 pixel picture), and up to 15k Custom Avatar (65x75 pixel picture).

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3) Tidal Fish Super Subscriber: $25/year
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Tidal Fish's Super level of Subscription status. This group has all the features of a Subscriber plus: total of 100mgs of Picture/Attachment Storage, ability to open and close their own thread(s), can post Polls, ability to have a Custom Title, unlimited bMail/Private Message storage, can deny bMail/Private Message Read Receipt Requests, can send up to 20 Private Messages at a time, can set self to Invisible Mode, can view where users are on the site, up to 50k Profile Picture plus enhanced size (500x500 pixel picture), up to 20k Custom Avatar plus enhances size (85x100 pixel picture).

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4) Tidal Fish Commercial Subscriber: $29.99/ month or save & sign up for $199/year
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This option is designed for the business owner who would like to get exposure on Tidal Fish. A Tidal Fish Commercial Subscriber is permitted to put a commercial ad in his/her signature. This may take the form of text about the business (no more then 4 lines of text) or a banner (30h x 400w pixels) in your signature to advertise your business. If you opt for a banner in your signature you may only have 1 line of text in addition to your banner. Your banner may be clickable to your business. If you opt not to have a banner, but only text, you may have one text link which is clickable to your business and a total of 4 lines of text.

All yearly subscribers will receive a welcome announcement from the moderator which will remain at the top of the message boards for 48 hours. These announcements will be posted with in seven (7) days after your subscription is started.

This subscription should only be used by users who post on a regular basis. This subscription does NOT give the right to make a commercial post, run contests or any like campaign, but rather is an “ad” that travels with you in your regular posting activity. If you are interested in running a contest or give away please contact us to discuss the options we offer.

This subscription option is perfect for Charter Captains, Guides or Tackle Shop owners who post useful fishing reports on a regular basis. It is also perfect for a business owner who contributes to the boards on a regular basis and has a business that might be of interest to the Tidal Fish community. Past advertisers who have had success are Marine Retailers, Boat Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Home Builders, Tackle Companies, Snow Removal, Landscaping Companies and other similar businesses.

Tidal Fish reserves the right to refuse any ad. By signing up for this subscription you agree that should you break the rules you will receive one warning. After one warning you agree and understand that another infraction will result in Tidal Fish suspending your account and you agree to forfeit the subscription fee in full.

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Posting Policies Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Charter Captain, Guide, or Tackle Shop Owner can I post fishing reports?

Yes, our users love to have fishing reports from professional Charter Captains, Guides and/or Tackle Shops and it can be a great way to gain exposure for your business. However, we have the following guidelines:

1) The fishing report MUST be useful to other members of the message board. This means that a user can read the report and get useful information about the general area, tide(s) stages, general method (lures, bait etc), and conditions that will help them be able to better catch and locate fish after reading the report.

2) If you are just posting to gain exposure for you business and post vague information and/or simply saying your clients caught X number of big fish and then post pictures, your reports will be removed.

We understand that as a Charter Captain, Guide or Tackle Shop you will generally receive discounts on fishing equipment, including boats, and fishing tackle and may even be sponsored. We also understand that part of the deal in sponsors giving you the discounts and/or free products is that you will give them exposure. We expect you to use your best judgment when giving a report. Of course if you have a hot lure that is catching fish, Tidal Fish angler want to know about it, but there is a line between “informing” and “advertising” and we expect you to keep to the “informing” side of things.

If you have a Commercial Subscription you may, as this level of subscription permits, have your contact information, a link to your site or a banner in your signature so Tidal Fish members can contact you. If you do not have a Commercial Subscription you still may post fishing reports, however you may only sign your name such as “Captain Brandon” at the end of your post and may not have any links, active or not, phone numbers or like information in your post.

May I include pictures with my report?

Yes, you may include pictures with your report following our guidelines:

1) Pictures may not contain any added text, such as a url, on the photo.

2) You may give credit to the photographer; the photographer’s name should be located in the lower right or lower left hand corner of the photo and the text be no larger then 10 pt font at 72dpi resolution.

3) The pictures may not be offensive. We understand that with catching fish, such as Tuna, there will be blood involved, but please use your best judgment and not post excessively bloody pictures. We all have a responsibility to project a responsible fishing image to those that might view the site and not necessarily be anglers or may be new to the sport.