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Mike Avery
03-27-2007, 09:44 AM
I had a thread moved to our club page. I understand why but whoever moved it I feel should not have. There is an important item that I wanted to share with the entire community....that our club has now expanded to offshore topics which is currently does not. There are folks who didn't join the club because we were strickly inshore. If I only can announce that on our club page, how do I spread the word about this particular item. I think you are being a bit too rigid on your criteria. I understand keep club topics on club pages but I feel strongly that this announcement should not have been moved because it's of interest of those outside the club so I'll make it again.

BIAC has been an inshore club since it's founding in 2005. Tonight, the members voted to include offshore topics and awards making BIAC both an inshore and offshore club. So anyone who might have been holding out to join because we were strickly inshore are encouraged to come out and help us talk up the blue water fishing to get us going. Me, I am hooked on the offshore fishing but I will admit that I still love inshore fishing and will never give it up.

Al B
03-27-2007, 09:57 AM
Mike - When does it end? Brandon moved the first one and I moved the second one... and will move this one as well. Feeling as strongly as you do, I'd suggest you communicate with Brandon... he was kind enough to create a page for your club.

Keep this in mind: There are no less than 9 clubs in the area. If every club took the same latitude as you are suggesting, where would that leave the board?