View Full Version : GA Surf Shark Fishing

04-19-2007, 03:59 PM
I am planning on coming down to Georgia in July. I want to do alittle surf fishing for shark. I have surf fished Hilton Head in July an have caught 4 ft, sand bar sharks there but to many people and to many life gaurds. Anybody know of a good place to surf fish for sharks in Ga. ? Thanks,

05-07-2007, 10:00 PM
Well you can go down to Amellia Island and fish for them. It may be a little further than you want to go but that area is a major breading ground for most Atlantic sharks. If you are not catching them you can find hundreads of teeth on the beach. Also there is a great spot I fish in Charleston SC out on Folley Beach. I have caught many big sharks at the end of Folley where the old Coast Guard station is. The best time is at night. Just go out to Folley turn north and go to the dead end. You will see the road with a gate. Just park and follow it till it dead ends into the water. The water is about 30 foot to 40 depending on the tide. Lots of big sharks move thru there while the tide goes out or in. Just be carefull if you go there since the tide can cut you off from getting back to the road for a bit. I have pulled two 5 foot bulls and one seven foot hammer head out of there. I have seen a nine foot bull caught on one night. Oh I forgot one thing. Stay out of the water there. The current is very dangerous and do I need mention the SHARKS!! Don't do as the tourist do and swim or wade there.