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01-29-2008, 09:41 PM

Norfolk Anglers Club
PO Box 8422
Norfolk, VA23503-0422

1st Annual Awards Banquet
Mon., February 11th, 7 pm

Location: Martins Restaurant, 331 E. Bayview Blvd., near Tidewater Dr. in Norfolk.

RSVP: To Kathy Eisenhower at 313-3724 by Thurs., Feb. 7th, prior to the banquet with your name, how many will be attending and their choice of beef, chicken, fish or pasta.

This Event is FREE for Paid Members 2007 and or 2008 and is available to Non Paid Members and Guests at a cost of $15 per person.

Dinner includes Soda, Beer will be available at the normal charge.

There will be Raffles for Prizes as well as Awards for Outstanding Members and Anglers who Contribute throughout the year.

NAC Membership: If you havenít joined the NAC, contact Darryl Schmitt (Treasurer), he can be contacted at [email protected] ([email protected]) or by calling him direct at 620-4339. Costs are $30 for an individual membership or $35 for a family.

Show Your Support for the NAC, Attend This Event and letís make the NAC the Greatest Fishing Club in the area.

Donations: If you or anyone you know would like to donate gift certificates, tackle, rods, etc. for the raffle they will be gladly accepted.