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03-04-2008, 07:09 AM
Left Taylor's landing about 8:30 AM for Cape Henry area with Bob (FinBoB), (First Name not known) handle is Tasmanian Devil,Myself and Louis at the helm.

After arriving using a Stretch,MoJo's Tomic,Daisy Chains and various other lures of White/Red or Chartreuse colors we started trolling.

Bob grabs the first strike on the starboard rod and pulls in a nice Striper about 32 lbs.:yes:

We move out to deeper water over the channel as fish were being caught there by other boaters.

Next up Taz grabs the rod and the fish is really taking line(Big Fish)but he cannot hold him and it breaks free.:eek:

The port rod bends over and I grab the rod and struggle to pull in about a 35 lb striper.:clap:

Next the starboard rod is bent over I attend the helm while Louis gets in on
the action. The fish is certainly taking line while Louis is holding strong.

Maneuvering the boat starboard with Bob & Taz clearing the other lines Louis has free area to fight the fish.
After a long struggle Louis has the Striper at the Boat. Bob & Taz netting and pulling in the fish.
Checking the weight on the moving boat it showed 39 lbs.

WTG Louis!:thumbup:

Lost 1 MoJo and 2 daisy chains while out and that's part of the game.

Note: All fish caught on white or red/white lures.

03-05-2008, 03:01 PM
Nice Chuck and crew.