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03-12-2008, 10:04 AM
3-11-08 Report
Departed Taylor's Landing for Cape Henry area to TRY to catch some Stripers.
The crew was Louis,Myself,Ned,Taz and his friend Drew.

We trolled using red/white & charuse 42oz. MoJo's with Tomic & Chesapeake red eye on 3 ways.We also had white & charuse umbrella's and a white umbrella way back.
We trolled all over the Cape Henry area and moved down to the deep water channel where we had 3 knockdowns but no hook ups.

Louis had us pick a number as to who was first up at the Rod and I happen to get the opportunity.

Naturally the way back rod went over and I certainly had one hell of a time getting that fish in which was 37 Inches.:yes:

All rigs were pulled in and as Ned was
pulling in his rig he had a hit but no hookup.
Louis maneuvered the boat to help me as the reel handle was slipping and not turning the spool to well.Ned & Taz netted the fish.:clapping2:

I did enough reel cranking today you would have thought I had been deep dropping up & down most of the day.

Beautiful day on the water but very few fish caught today.Yes, there was bait scattered all around the area we fished.

03-12-2008, 11:56 AM
Nice going Chuck and crew