View Full Version : Tuesday Nights Meeting?

04-15-2008, 09:56 PM
Well I was looking forward to meeting you all and grabbed my fellow fishing partner and headed down to the Monthly Tuesday Night Meeting at Martin's. Oh yea! we were pysched and couldn't wait to get knee deep in the fish stories and to here the speaker on Flounder. Oh by the way, Flounder is about 90% of our fishing trips. We were pumped to get more info!! As the time started to get close to 7 PM I started to get worried, the place was empty and nobody was coming in. The people that were there looked more interested in watching Hanna Montana on the TV then to talk maximum creel limits!!!

Well I asked the waitress if there was a meeting tonight and she told me no it was Monday Night!! It was like I got hit by a 100 foot rouge wave. Although it was not the 1st meeting I missed in my live and it won't be the last. I really was looking forward to the speaker and to get the skinny on where to fish my little 16 footer in the bays feeder creeks and rivers. Most importantly I was looking forward to meeting fellow club members and see who is a better liar in fish stories.

So sorry crew, I will have to wait another month to meet some of you.

Oh yea, if anybody has cliff notes from the seminar. I will be more then willing to look them over for you.


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