View Full Version : Whats your game plan?

05-15-2008, 02:49 PM
:goodluck2:Now that the big fish have left the bay it's time to downsize your lures. What works good for me is 2 ounce heads dressed with a 5" shad or a 6" twister tail. I will use 5" storm lures or 5" tsunami lures but keep them away from any other leader because they will tangle. I fish in the upper bay from the Key Bridge to the RT#50 Bridge and will start out around Podickory Point. What is your game plan???? LET US KNOW :goodluck2:

5th Tuition
05-15-2008, 07:14 PM
I'm sort of "chillin" at the moment. Between this last rain, with more on the way, and the two day closure, I'll wait to see if we get a gorgous day next week and maybe make another trolling trip or two out of point lookout. If memory serves me right, last year I spent a ton of gas running all over the bay looking for spot to start livelining. I even went over to Matapeake and tried the pier last year looking for them. What I found out is, they ain't here til they are here. You just can't rush them. As soon as we can find them, we will start livelining. Saw a report about spot in the Eastern Bay (that's a good sign). The only good news about all this rain is I'm hopeing that it keeps the rays down south (I think they like saltier water). We will be looking more closely at the tides and hitting them hard two hours before the end of the tide and continue until two hours after the tide start moving. If this coinsides with dusk(when the sun hits the treetops); look for me to be anchored up on some structure!! 5th