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07-29-2008, 07:32 PM
Man was this my lucky day. I met Shane Massey at the boat ramp at 6:00am. I had forgotten to ask Shane the night before how long we would be fishing so I had my lunch in hand when I got on the boat. I asked then and he said we should be back here by 10:30 with our limit. This would be my second trip jigging in less than a week. This time I was going with the man with the plan. I watched in fascination as we road and looked for these fish at speeds of 5-18mph. Searching for holes and drop offs that should be holding fish. We didn't have to go far before seeing Special K and he was also searching. Another quarter mile down the lake searching the points and drop offs at about 10mph and we see'em on the scope. Shane turns around and goes back over and sets on top of the school. I mean fish from the bottom up to 20 ft. We were in 35-40 feet of water and the fish were so thick you could smell them, literally. He paused for a second a radioed Special K and gave them our location and then turned and dropped his jig over board. The jig could not even hit the bottom before :bigfish:he had one on. He caught 2 fish before I had my first bite. I finally got in the action but it was hard watching the master (Shane) and fishing at the same time. It makes all the difference in the world if you tight line the jig as it falls. We managed to stay on the fish for several minutes and decided we would look for a nicer quality of fish. We left Special K and crew catching fish. We took a little ride across deeper water and searched around the dam and immediately the first hole he checks is LOADED! We turn around and start the whole thing over again. The fish stayed there feeding for about 7-8 minutes and the hunt was on again.
We kept 5 fish and released several more right beside the boat and they swam right back to the school. We managed to find a couple more schools and then made our way back to the ramp at 10:30. The trip as far as enjoyment and knowledge gained was PRICELESS! I am thankful for the new friends I have made since joining the club and I am indebted to you Shane. Thanks for your friendship!:thumbup:

07-30-2008, 04:33 PM
I guess this old live baiter is going to have to try jigging. Look out sore arms!!!! Good report lanny

the doctor