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09-06-2008, 10:54 PM
Okay so I left my kodak in the bottom of the bag and ended up with a nice spider web imprint on the screen. It is still under warrenty and Kodak said to package it and send it back. Problem is they don't pay for impact damage or water damage. I didn't sink it or drop it but the screen is pressed in. Still take good pictures just can't see them on the screen so it is a crap shoot at best. Do I
a.) send it in hope they replace it
b.)send it in and if they won't pay the inspection fee (no idea what that is) and keep it
as disaster open water cam
c.)pay for them to fix it or replace it
d.) bite it and get a new one
Money is tight so would hope they fix or replace it. Haven't had to deal with customer service at kodak

09-06-2008, 11:13 PM
it may hinge on how they interpret "impact" vs "contact" damage. Most of these cameras say "don't touch the screen". If Kodak is doing "ok" after dumping their slide films, etc., they may be looking for good customer relations. If not, see what they bring to the table. You may be "out" just shipping fees and have that camera that you can take into blinding dust storms or walk right into the surf with. They might offer you a repair bill that is less than a new camera if you like what you have.

I'd send it and see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.....or you could call and see what kind of preliminary answer you got from a prerecorded robot in China.

The way these things keep changing, you can probably get the same or better camera for less or pick one up used on one of the Craig's list things. I know the local camera store will "give" me $200 for cameras that I paid a thousand dollars for new and are only a couple years old but now "outdated". Kinda makes me feel like taking them out in a dust storm with NO damage.

I don't plan on going past 12 megapixels if for no other reason than it takes longer and longer to download files if you have a bunch and god forbid you were in a RAW mood.