View Full Version : Thanks John & Nancy!

10-06-2008, 07:36 AM
I just wanted to publicly thank you John and your wife Nancy for hosting the NAC Oyster Roast/Fish Fry. You two really did a wonderful job as host and hostess. I know I and Mary Jo left sated, as I'm certain everyone else did.

I also wanted to say that this event alone was well worth the annual dues! AYCE Oysters, Halibut and Beer can't be bought at twice the price! Of course there was lots of other wonderful food, but if I started listing the entire menu I'd be afraid I'd forgotten someones contribution. Enough to say that it was a wonderful event. And I've not even mentioned the great atmosphere and being in the company of such an enthusiastic group of anglers! OK, I'm gushing now. I'll quit.

Oh, but thanks Scott for the Oyster shucking lesson! I put it to good use and will continue practicing every chance I get! ;)