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12-12-2008, 06:09 PM
Fishing Report for Dec. 11, 2008 for Master Baiterís
Written by: Stan Gabruk.

Itís A Mixed Bag at Our Famous Fishing Grounds Right Now!

Itís snowing in Austin, Houston and New Orleans! I was watching the news this morning after putting the daily charters out and was amazed at what I was seeing. Itís hard to believe winter is here when itís so darn beautiful here in Puerto Vallarta. People are shopping, getting tans and going fishing!

I keep hearing how the charter business is taking it on the chin, but in Puerto Vallarta everything is normal! Now the first week and a half is always on the slow side here in Marina Vallarta as could be expected just before the Christmas Holiday and the kids getting out of school! No predictions of Doom and Gloom here amigo, thereís fish out there!

Usually itís mid January before we start seeing streaks in the water temperatures. Itís sort of like a how a cake mix looks when youíre baking. You mix the chocolate in the white batter, they you get the swirls of black and whiteÖ Well, thatís how the water temperatures are out there at the moment. Cooler water has moved in from the North a little earlier this year than normal, so you can understand the ďMixed BagĒ title of this article.

With a full moon high in the sky, the charter Captains have their work cut out for them. If youíre shooting for Yellowfin Tuna, then you better be at the fishing grounds early or late. Because for the next few days, there is no ďin betweenĒ. If youíve ever read an article of mine about a full moon, you know those Yellowfin will eat like a machine at night. I canít blame them though, with the full moon, they can see the bait fish as shadows in the moon light. Why stop eating when itís like going to McDonalds and getting all the free burgers you can eat. Letís face it, weíd stuff ourselves and thatís exactly whatís happening out there right now! If youíre out there, you better be at the Bank or El Banco in Spanish with a ďflippinĒ Kite. Even then you better keep an eye on the water temperatures. The Yellowfin are in the warm spots, and if itís not in the 80ís, youíll hit something else. Probably Striped Marlin. They like it a touch cooler. Thatís why Cabo is knows for their stripers, the water is a touch cooler normally up there.

Marietta Islands and El Morro are still alive with action. These islands have a series of small reefs around them (most are protected) where small fish live in and use as shelter. This brings in bigger fish, and then of course the cycle starts. This year Sailfish were abundant and that condition continues. Rooster Fish, Needle Fish (Mex. Barracuda), Jack Crevells, Skippyís, Bonito, and more. The Mariettaís are a good 85% catch. Very reliableÖ. and not expensive to get to fuel wise.

On thing for sure is that fish roam. They go where ever they feel like going and one thing for sure, they donít listen to us very well. Many times Sails, Skip jack Tuna, Dorado and others will head south to the point of Cabo Corrientes. Just down the way out in front of Chimo, you can boat that finned fantasy you came to PV for in the first place! Itís do-able in an 8 hr trip, but ten hours will only be better with larger fish. While youíre there, tell them to get back to where they belong!

Around the corner in Punta Mita the Roosters have re-established dominance in the area. Ten miles off shore, Sailfish are lounging and waiting for you to temp themÖ. This area is consistent as we enter the winter season starting in February. Dorado are still here, finding a bouy never hurts either.

There have been a lot of different baits in the water as well. Sometimes youíll see Sails or Dorado, cast bait and hit them in the head, they still wonít pay any attention to it. Five miles down the way, theyíre hitting anything thatís being thrown at them. If itís shiny, theyíll take a swipe at itÖ Go Figure! Donít be afraid to use small lures, they can work also.

You can see people are coming in for the Christmas holiday. Kids in his restaurants, vendors on the Board Walk or Malicon is Spanish. The Holidays are here, so be sure to be safe, have fun and keep reading my articles!

I guess thatís about it for this week, until next time, donít forget to kiss your fish!

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