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el capitan
01-27-2009, 05:00 PM
As it seems Costa Rica is not represented on the forum, I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself and give you are latest report from Quepos, Costa Rica.

My name is Valerie and my husband and I own an operate the Estrella de Mar in Quepos.
We offer charter fishing along with complete vacation planning services. If you contact our company, Quepos Adventures (, I work to plan you a trip that gets you what you want for the price you want to pay.

Quepos is a fantastic fishing spot, and I can not say enough about what Costa Rica. It is a great place for a long fishing weekend, a family vacation, a romantic couples trip, or guys behaving badly. There is something for everyone in the Manuel Antonio area.

Now for the fishing report.

In fairness I will say it is now prime Sailfishing season. Double digit sailfish being raised is very common December to April. The rest of the year Sails can still be found, but are not as common.

January 6 and 7
It is official, the sailfish are here.

Costa Rica fishing does not get much better than January sailfishing. Estrella de Mar raised 8 sailfish on Tuesday, bringing 6 to the boat before release. Wednesday was even better. The fishermen fishing with Quepos Fishing Adventures raised 9 sailfish bringing eight to the boat before release.

Although the rains have subsided, the Dorado bite is still strong here in Costa Rica. The guys caught and released 4 dorado on Tuesday and 7 Dorado on Wednesday. Several of these were bull dorado in the 40 to 50 pound range.

January 8
Trying their hand inshore for half the day, the guys from Michigan brought in 3 large roosterfish, and a mid-sized snapper before heading offshore to land 3 more sailfish and 2 more dorado.

I guess anglers from Michigan know how to read the moon charts!

January 10
Our friends from Washington D.C. were not us lucky with the moon. On a day which everyone in Quepos agreed was slow, our clients were able to raise 4 sails, landing 2, and 2 large dorado. They were also chasing Tuna in a pod of dolphin that must have numbered 500. It was a beautiful sight to see.

January 14
Our clients from Toronto, left the cold weather behind and fished from sunny Quepos aboard the Estrella de Mar. Captain Jesus reports 14 sailfish raised with 9 caught and released. It was another great day for the Dorado. 7 Dorado were caught and released, two bull dorado in the 40 pound range among them.

January 19
Today's fishermen reported a great day aboard the Estrella de Mar. Seven sailfish were raised five of which were landed by our 4 anglers from Chicago. They also report a strong dorado bite, catching and releasing 4 dorado from 20 to 30 pounds.

January 21
The Bivens of Annapolis fished aboard the Estrella de Mar for a full day offshore. Captain Jesus report 6 Sailfish raised and a strong Tuna bite. At one point all three fishermen were fighting tuna. The final tally for the day was 4 Sails, 3 Dorado, and 2 tuna caught and released.

January 23
Today we met some fellow Texans, Mark Loving and his friends who fished aboard the Estrella de Mar for full day offshore charter. Captain Jesus reported a great day with 14 sailfish raised, 6 caught and released. The guys were also able to land a dorado in the 40 pound range, which they gladly took home for dinner. They reported such a great day with Jesus and Memo on the Estrella de Mar that they are coming back to try their hand at inshore Fishing for roosterfish. We will keep you posted on their progress.

January 24
Today was a busy day fishing in Quepos. We booked Carter Loetz and his friends from North Carolina for a full day of offshore fishing aboard the Estrella de Mar. The group had a fantastic day, raising 11 sails and bringing 6 to the boat, including this whopper.

They also brought in two small snapper.

We booked Michael Light aboard the Dream Catcher. The two guys were able to raise 5 sails, catching and releasing two, along with a dorado.

January 25
The light group wanted a chance to fish the Estrella de Mar, so booked a ½ day inshore trip before their afternoon flight from Quepos. We are sorry to report the morning inshore fishing was nothing to write home about. Four hours of fishing and only two bites to show for it.

The Mark Loving group returned for an afternoon of inshore fishing. They were hoping to find the big roosterfish that eluded the morning’s anglers. The roosterfish did not show, but the guys were able to land some Spanish Mackerel and a snapper.

January 26
The Estrella de Mar had an incredible day yesterday. Captain Jesus was at first concerned because the corriente was at 42 miles out, but he was relived to find that once at the fishing grounds he raised fish at every turn.

8 Sails were raised, 5 caught and released.
3 large snapper were raised (two landed)
5 50 to 60 pound tuna were caught
2 30 t0 40 pound Dorado were landed

The guest announced they were tired and ready to head in.
On the trip in Jesus spotted Blue Marlin traveling en masse.
One was quickly raised, Jesus estimates it size at 150 pounds.
Unfortunately he proved to much for the exhausted anglers and broke free about 5 meters from the boat.

More Quepos Adventures Fishing Reports ( availble at our site along with a Quepos Fishing Adventures Photo Gallery (

"See" ya in a week or so.