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02-27-2009, 03:21 PM
Fishing Report for Feb 22, 2008 for Master Baiterís Sportfishing and Tackle
Written by: Stan Gabruk.

Wild, Weird and Surprising Action for Puerto Vallarta Anglers with Motivation!

Pompano, Marlin, Sailfish, Rooster fish, Dorado (a.k.a Mahi Mahi), Tuna, Jack Crevalls, Mackeral, Bonita, Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Snappers and more. Theyíre all out there and waiting for you to show up. Now Iím not going to tell you that Moby Dick is out there, but you may run into his cousin!

If youíve ever read one of my articles, you know that the fishing in Puerto Vallarta (PV) never really gets slow or bad. But the fish do go down in size, so those expecting a 300 lb Yellowfin in March, nicely put, is an unreasonable expectation. But if youíre looking at Yellowfin Tuna from forty to sixty pounds, with a possibility of an eighty pounder, then you need to head out to El Banco! But Yellowfin arenít the only residents out there right now, Blue and Striped Marlin have set up house! The only thing is, youíll have to go the extra distance of 15 miles or so Northwest to be an active participant in this game! Go prepared with a wide selection of lures and live bait. It seems theyíre changing their appetite from day to day. This past week Magnifico, a Master Baiterís Company boat with Capt. Alonso and First Mate Charlie (aka Carlos) came in every day with something different. The days at El Banco were surprising productive and well worth the fuel and time to get to these outlying areas. I almost forgot, Pictured is Wayne who came in with one Stripped Marlin and released 5 others. Wayne also come in with a 50 lb Mahi Mahi at El Banco as well which isnít picturedÖ. I guess Wayneís friends back home were calling ďBSĒ on this, so here is the proof guys!

Eight hour trips are to locations like the Marietta Islands or north of Punta Mita are also boiling with action. The Marietta islands are showing major signs of life when it comes to large Rooster fish and Pompano, both of which fight like demons. Pompano have the added advantage of tasting great for those looking for something they can eat! The Pompano have been running in the 25 lb. range and the Roosters have been as large as 59 inches amigo. The smaller sized Roosters, which have been noticeably absent as late, are now running in the 35 to 45 lb. range and will give you a real work out! Youíll also see Jack Crevalls, Needle fish, and an outside possibility of Sailfish here as well.

Hitting the buoys at Punta Mita is about as automatic as youíre going to get for winter fishing. The Mahi Mahi has been nice sized as well in the 25 to 35 lb range. Perfect for a small dinner party to enjoy! Nothing fancy, cast a live Goggle eye and prepare yourself. Farther north is still alive with Sailfish and if you head west youíll run into more Striped or Blue Marlin.

If youíre looking for something closer in and still has decent action, then youíve still got an impressive line-up of species available. Now remember, these fish will be in the smaller range of 10 to 35 lbs, but like I always say, everything counts in large amounts. El Morro, outside there are closed as a game reserve, has Mackerals, Jack Crevalls, Needle fish, Bonito, Torros and more. Just remember this are is sensitive and has been closed as a game reserve. So make sure you know what the boundaries are or donít go there!

In an ongoing effort to help people protect themselves, be careful of who youíre dealing with in the Sportfishing arena. If youíre in a restaurant and some guy comes up to you to sell you a fishing charter, then tell you they have one half price, run, donít walk from this person. Itís very, very common for people shopping for the best deal (and we can understand that for sure) to tell you anything they need to, to get a deposit. They give you this slip and tell you to meet them at some location in the morning. When the guy doesnít show up, youíll then understand what YOUíVE done to yourself. If the place youíre working with doesnít have a private office with a door, then at best, youíre taking a chance to save a few bucks. When you look for the guy who sold you the ďtripĒ and canít find him, nobody will tell you how to get in touch with them. I see this happen several times every single week and I do what I can in the mornings to help these people, but in the end, be smart and donít do any thing you wouldnít do if you were home. Trust is something that is earned, not given. Go to my web page and pull up the fishing reports. Under that section I have a series of articles telling you how these scams work, so you donít become a victim as well!

I guess thatís about it for this week, until next time, donít forget to kiss your fish!

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nice report! but where is the picture of the marlin?