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04-14-2009, 06:55 PM
"We saw a lotta Marlin, Ryan"

This was Ramon's response when he came back at the end of the day from his charter on El Nuevo today. They didn't have any flags flying so I asked him what happened out there. "You didn't catch nada," I asked? "We saw a lotta Marlin, Ryan, pero no hungry." This has been the case lately with all the squid in the water, Marlin are filling up on the squid candy and have no interest in the Mackeral. Yesterday, the boys were able to get a few, but no luck on Nuevo today. We had the Schwartz family down from New Jersey today. Arlene and Howard had never been to Cabo and really wanted to have a great day on the water. Fortunately, they have another day of fishing planned for Saturday, so we have another chance to show them what Cabo is all about.

On the Red Beam today we had the Savage crew from Wisconsin. They had been to Cabo before, but never caught any fish. We were determined to change that stat today and Muneca and Marshall did their best. They were able to land a few Bonita and one really nice Dorado. Knock that skunk off your Cabo fishing resume.

Omar and Americo fished with Jim and David Edwards of Universal City, Texas. We forgot to ask them, but we are sure they are TCU Horned Frog Fans! Fishing was ok for this father/son crew as they were able to land a Bonita and a nice Striped Marlin. We'll see these guys again Thursday as they are headed out once again.

On Anzuelo II with Captain Rafa we had the Weber party. Bill and his 3 girls had a great time today battling the ever present Humbolt Squid. We thought a Marlin just might come by and scoop up one of the Squid on the way up, but today wasn't their day for a Marlin. See you in a few weeks Bill.

Finally, on Rum Runnin we had Dave Condon and his crew off of a cruise ship for a half day charter. It seems like the half day cruise ship clients always do really well. Dave was no exception today bringing in 2 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin.

Water Temps were 72-74 degrees. Marlin were biting live and dead rigged Mackeral. Dorado were hitting soft lures.

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