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Ancient Mariner
07-28-2005, 09:59 AM

The Fluke fishing out of Long Island has broken open and I mean open.
11.5 pounder out of R.I.
Many,many 5-7 pounders out of Shinnecock L.I.
Many fish out of N.Y.C.
YOUWZA ! I'm down in FLORIDA(AAARRRGGGHHH) and the Fluke are up there where I came from. DOUBLE AARRGGHH!!!!!
Cap'n John on the SHINNECOCK STAR has been WACKN N STACKN them inside the bays and OUTSIDE in 30-60 feet of water.
What the HEXX am I doing down here! Don't answer that question. Whats your landline NUMBER so I can get a reservation?
Montauk has been killing them (change of tide) Did I say that? YES! I understand there in the rips now. Gotta have a few 10+ like Shinnecock does.
How about that 11+ pounder that WON the FLUKE TOURNEY !!! My hats off to the BOAT,Mate and fisherman who did it.
I gotta get up there.
Any other TF'rs get some of those DOORMATTES over 7 pounds? Come guys, 'FESS Up. Put some pictures up so we can all DROOL!.
Joseph B...aka...Ancient Mariner

Ancient Mariner
08-17-2005, 04:51 PM

The Bay fishing has been F A B U L O U S out in Shinnecock.
This is what fishing is all about.
Lots and lots of fish on small chrome balls(2 -3 ouncers) and small baits. If you can't catch 'em then your not fishing. HINT...HINT...HINT... Find the bait, YOU'VE FOUND the fish. DON'T MISS IT.
Cap'n JOHN on the SHINNECOCK STAR out of Shinnecock is WACKN N STACKN those FLUKE. I kid you not.
Like the TV commercial says:

I'm stuck down here in HOT...HOT...HOT... Florida and can't get up there. Fish it for me guys, fish it for me.
Post your pictures here, we all want to see 'em.
If you go, Please call for reservations, Get a call in to DOTTY,. She'll tell you whats happening and when.
I am NOT involved with the Shinnecock Star. I know the boat and I know THEY ARE HONEST people.

Down Jersey way, the big ones are on the CHROME Ball rigs out in 55+ feet of water. Get a good chart and look real hard at the sharp drop offs. Even a 2 foot drop will hold those huge DOORMATTS on the down current side of the drop.
If in doubt,look for the party boats to see where they fish. DO NOT crowd them out. THey work hard and they'll show you where to fish. HECK, Go out on them, they KNBOW how to fish.

Out at the point, the Fluke have been off the Frisbees. Try the CHROME BALL (DOORMATTER EXPRESS) rigs in 55 feet of water ,BUT mosdify the bait. Use Smelt if you can get it. Fluke belly or mack strips will also work.
Out at the Island, work the edges where the bottom drops of in a sharp drop off. The Fluke are moving around now. I hear that the rips are paying off too. White or Chartuse are the hot colors with Pink a close second.
About the above. If you go to ny site you acn see HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CHROME BALL double hook rigs. b-mail me if you want more info on 'em.
Joseph B...aka...Ancient Mariner

Ancient Mariner
08-18-2005, 09:32 PM

Is anyone fishing for Fluke?

I'm dying down here and I'm thisting for more info.
Since I can't go Fluking, I want to hear about your trips.
I KNOW that the South Shore Fluking as gotten even better. Where are all the fisherman?
Joseph B...aka...Ancient Mariner