View Full Version : Women's bassmaster tournament in TX

10-20-2005, 11:19 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know what was happening in TX
fishing is tough!!! - Kathy Womack - AE-- is in 8th place - 10.12 lbs.
Mary Hencken - SC - is in 12th place - 8.11 lbs
Kimberlee Stricker - AE - 23rd - 4.09 lbs.
Patsy Mcdaniel - AW- 38th - 2.07 lbs
Shelly Perry - (KY) 40th - 2.06 lbs.
several others but did not catch fish today -
wish them all good luck tomorrow - the top six willl fish on Saturday!!!!!

I'll try to update again tomorrow after the weigh-in
I'm in TX at the weigh-in's!!!!!!

10-26-2005, 11:42 AM
Sorry for the delay in updating the TX tournament!
The girls did great! - It was a great experience being there for the first BASS Women's tournament.

Congratulations! to all !!!!

Kathy Womack-AE- 8th; Mary Hencken-SC-12th; Patsy McDaniel-AW-16th; - Others who participated (some caught fish and some didn't but it was a great experience for each of them) were Kimberlee Striker-AE; Shelley Perry-KY; Michelle Armstrong-SC; Betty Stahl-AE; Rose Ellis-AE; Judy Antle-KY; Secret York-KY; Rhonda Pope-AE; and Toni Stoner-GA

You can ck out the complete results on - WBT - Congratulation to Pam Martin Wells on Winning!!!!