View Full Version : RED MILL, LEWES, DELAWARE 4/05/05

04-05-2005, 05:53 PM
Arrival: 7:00 AM
Water temperature: 42.3
Air Temperature: 48
Weather: Sunny
Wind: 5-10 MPH
Water Clarity: heavy stain
Visibility: 8-10 Inches

The first fish of the day came at 8:00 AM from the north shore cove, on a Ambush Stealth Diver in Red. It was aggressive, and weighed 2.8 pounds. We moved further back into the cove and caught the second bass on the same bait by a dock, and it was 2.4 pounds, but healthy, and a little whiter than the first bass in color.

We worked several plastics and crankbaits, along with Terminator spinnerbaits mixed in, but no takers on those baits. The fish were in water that was 2-3 feet deep.

The Third bass came from the point on the south shore by some brush, again on the Ambush Stealth Diver in a redish color, and it went 3.4 pounds, and was a little more green, and healthy.

We worked Senko's and Berkley Gulp, and some Kreature baits slowly in this area, but they would not respond, so we went to a very fast retrieve, and caught the 4th fish at the roadside by the pilings that run out, and it bulldogged and fought hard, and after about 45 seconds we landed, weighed, took pictures and videotaped the location, baits, and bass, that weighed in at 5.7 pounds. Full of eggs!

The water temperature now was 50.1 degrees.

We worked back up the lake hitting all the prime areas with various baits, but caught the remaining 2 bass of the day on the lipless crankbaits in red. That was the pattern and baits they wanted today. Wood and points near deep access with grass and pads mixed in or close by, on a hard bottom.

Good day, good video, and still pictures for you all to see soon.

Now to bed after the radio show we are doing tonight, and then up at 3 AM to leave at 4 AM, for a 2 1/2 hour drive towards Trap Pond in lower Delaware. We will report on that when we get home at about 9 PM. We are staying all day there tomorrow as we are busy the rest of the week, and can't get out again for fun until Sunday after the heavy rains subside.
The time to go is NOW! The bait is a Ambush Stealth Diver in red.

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Tight lines Steve and Kurt