View Full Version : 3rd Island Father's Day Spear Trip

06-19-2005, 06:18 PM
My brother Darin, my buddy Todd (Todfish) and I headed out of Ft. Monroe this morning around 9. Pounded our way to the third facing NE winds at 15kts.

With the outbound tide, we found that the ocean side of the third was sheltered from the current, though not the wind.

We anchored about 40 feet from the rocks. Water temp (surface) showing 73ish. Darin got in wearing a lycra dive skin to check out the viz...he has only dived in VERY clear water (like 100' viz). At first he thought it was only about 3 feet, but after going deeper to hit the thermocline, found that water to be clearer.

The thermocline was shockingly cold, but viz improved to about 7' to 10'. The thermocline was at about 10' depth. I'd dive (freediving) down to the thermocline, stick my head in and try to keep my body out of it. It was so cold I'd get air hungry faster in it.

We saw: starfish galore, soft corals, jellies, sponge crabs, stripers (BIGUNS!), some kind of wrasse, sea bass, sheepshead, spadefish and tautog.

Speared: 3 big spades and one nice tog. Just enough for a few meals! :)

Great time had by all. Pounded our way back. The mouth of the James was a bit dicey, but made it in without incident.

06-20-2005, 11:51 AM
Sounds like it was worth the trouble.

I never did make it to Breakwater. The tide tables are reversed to me right now - by the time I would have made it up it would have been low tide. I'll definitely be going this Friday morning, though, and then bouncing over to Cape May after that for some back home R&R and hopefully more spearing.