View Full Version : Good spearfishing spots - lower bay

06-21-2005, 08:17 AM
Hey gang!

I know that the 3rd and 4th island and the CHLT are good spots for spearfishing. But are there any good spots further up the bay, or closer to shore?

After pounding the heck out of ourselves in the wind trying to get to the 3rd island on Sunday it got me to thinking:

What about the bridge itself (not just the rocks)? Is the current too strong usually? (We tuck out of the current behind the islands.)

I was thinking like the CBBT starting on the southern shore and working my way out along the pilings.

What about Thimble Shoals light? What about the channel markers in the bay? What about some of the reefs/wrecks that are further up in the bay?

Or is the current/viz too bad in all of those spots?

06-21-2005, 01:10 PM
Yes, it's never eassy but maybe that's why we like it so.

I don't know the area much, in fact, I been to the rocks just ones but they have all the "right stuff" The fact that you can (in high tide) freedive the uppers with one diver and scuba the lowers with a second it's a combination just hard to beat.

In reference to the inland may find the same problem we have here at OI. close to shore wrecks, too much silt and low vis. and those are in open water, but it gets better on the others wrecks (8+nm) and futher.

I'll pass on those bridge supports! Too many things can go wrong specially if scubadiving but I'm sure some nice size sheepsheads can be taking out in and around those legs and at very close range.

I will like to get back out there by the end of July and work the area some more, it should be even more productive at night if conditions are right.